Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

Hunker down with a good book month
by Karla Brandenburg

MOTM Marissa ThumbnailI don’t know about you but January is hunker down with a good book month for me. With the holidays over and the weather declining, there’s nothing better than curling up in a warm chair and reading. I do most of my binge-reading in January.

Santa brings me a book-buying gift card nearly every year, giving me the opportunity to load more books on my already loaded Kindle. I powered through all the Christmas stories, and now I can go back to the standard fare. My favorite authors or, with the power of my gift card, authors I might have hesitated to spend my money on (but now have “free” money to spend).

My reading habits are varied, but having grown up on Victoria Holt, I tend to sway toward a Gothic romance. I’ve found some excellent historical romance authors, as well, but that doesn’t rule out a John Grisham, or a Stephen King, or Dan Brown. Mysteries have always appealed to me, as well.

Do you have any recommendations? A majority of readers find new books as a result of recommendations, a book that is so good it doesn’t need to be restricted to a genre-reader. Harry Potter is a good example of that. What started out as a YA novel topped the charts for all ages very quickly. The Twilight series seems to have done that, as well, although I couldn’t quite jump into that crowd. The story was a little too teenage angsty for me, not quite as broad an audience. I picked it up because I also used to read vampire novels, starting with the original Dracula (which has a revered spot on my bookshelves). I’ve read dozens of vampire novels, but nothing quite compares to the original.

When people ask me what I recommend, I always ask what sort of books they like first (no, I don’t immediately say “Read one of mine!”). Reading is a very subjective thing. Some people don’t have tolerance for certain things in their books, like sex or violence or ghosts. For me, it’s a dangling ending. I stopped reading Anne Rice for that reason, even though I enjoyed her books overall. I get angry if the story isn’t over. I do recommend my fellow Booklover’s Bench authors’ books, but again, I always check someone’s preferences first.

I haven’t yet spent my gift card. So what’s on my Kindle right now? Blythe Gifford. Courtney Milan. Jill Shalvis. What should I add?

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