Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint


By Maggie Toussaint

Inspired by the popular hand game Rock-Paper-Scissors, Paper-Digital-Audio is a microcosm of book formats in today’s marketplace. Individual preference plays a huge role in what book formats easily trump one another. I hope you’ll read Paper-Digital-Audio and comment on your choice of format.

These days we have options for how we read our books. We can go with the traditional paper version in hardcover, mass market, or trade paperback format. We can opt to read books in digital format on a device or computer. Or we can listen to books in audio format or even text to read format.

There are purists who declare they will never go digital. They say there’s no substitute for holding the book and physically turning the pages. A lifelong reader myself, I have shelves of cherished books by my favorite authors. I’m unwilling to part with even one of those books.

rock paper scissors

But there’s something to be said for the convenience of digital books. If you need something new to read, online bookstores can upload a new book to your device in a few minutes. You don’t have to leave home, heck, you don’t have to leave your armchair. With all the electronic advances of today, you can sync your devices so that even if you don’t carry your reader with you, the book will be available on your phone, already queued up to the correct page.

I love the convenience factor. My reader is lightweight and it’s easy to carry it wherever I go. Plus, I think there are over a hundred books on my reader right now, and I’ve read every one of them, some multiple times. Readers also have backgrounds and lighting that will work in everything from a darkened room to bright sunlight. And you can change the font size quicker than you can say Jack Robinson.

Lest you think there isn’t room for audio books in my life, let me reassure you that audio books are great for traveling. In addition, there’s a whole population who prefer audio books to any other format.

I’ve been thinking about formats recently because I’ve just added a print format to my catalog for my science fiction release, G-1. (Book Link) I’ve got several other books in this series to launch, but at some point, I want to also offer audio books.

Paper-Digital-Audio, what’s the choice for you?

One commenter will be randomly drawn to win a print or digital format of G-1, my futuristic thriller.