Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

Do you have a favorite time to read? by Karla Brandenburg

In addition to my job as an author, I work a full-time job which has seasonal ebbs and flows. The spigot on that job is flowing full right now. As such, my reading time tends to become more limited. I do, however have mandatory quiet time – I ride the train into the Big City at least once a week, and during that train ride, I almost always spend the hour plus each way reading. If I find myself engrossed in the story, I continue reading after dinner, depending on whether or not I have to step back into the day job after dinner. The train is the only “structured” reading time I have, although when the day job ebbs, I’m more likely to pick up a book on any given evening or weekend.

One of my friends reads at bedtime. I’m not certain if she allots a couple of hours before “lights out” or a certain number of chapters, or if she reads until she falls asleep. Some people only read on the weekend, and then they power through an entire book or two.

Some people are “seasonal” readers. For instance, I enjoy Christmas stories, and generally stock up on those at the end of the year. The winter months make good “curl up with a good book” opportunities, or maybe the summer is more friendly for people who like beach reads.

Time also contributes to what medium I read. If I read on vacation, I take my Kindle along since I can take along several books without worrying about keeping track of them. If I plan to read at home, or I have a short window to read while I’m traveling, I like the feel of a paperback in my hand.

What about you? When (or where) do you read?

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