Let’s Talk with Terry Ambrose

A socially distanced Valentine’s Day
By Terry Ambrose

Valentine’s Day, aka The Day of Love, is in our rearview mirror. And in the good old days, like maybe two years ago, many couples would have celebrated in the traditional fashion—fancy dinners, candlelight romance, candy and flowers. But, coming on the heels of 2020, and with a pandemic still raging around us, I started to wonder how those Hallmark-movie moments might have changed.

The Card
I never had much difficulty finding a Valentine’s Day card, and until 2020 I was very good about this most-likely-Hallmark-induced tradition. But these days, what happens? Do you mail the card?

Hmmm…too many ifs with the USPS these days. So let’s go with hand delivery.

I can see it now. Guy hands girl a card. Gingerly, she takes it and places it to the side. She says, “What a lovely card envelope. I’ll open it in a week after it’s been decontaminated.”

Rats. The 2021 version just doesn’t have the same effect. It might be time to go digital. A text…with a few heart emojis thrown in. Or, for those who want to go all out, an e-card.

Once upon a time it was standard practice to woo your beloved (or, maybe just intended beloved) with flowers. Maybe you remember those days? A trip to the neighborhood florist shop, ooh and ah over the bouquets, find one that A) does the job, and B) fits the budget. Big spenders could have that beautiful bouquet delivered—or, if you were like me, aka a cheapskate on a low budget—the delivery would be handled ‘on arrival’ for the dinner date.

Flash-forward to 2021 and the flower purchase is made online or maybe, for those who are budget-challenged, at the grocery store. Be that as it may, once the flowers get delivered, they no longer get a good sniff and a few oohs and ahhs, but go straight to quarantine, where they might be admired from a distance for a suitable quarantine period as determined by the CDC.

So, flowers, check. They still work, but with a few challenges.

During our more than forty years of marriage and dating, I can remember celebrating dinner at restaurants both fancy and plain. My wife and I could stroll into a restaurant hand-in-hand, be seated, and delight in the pleasure of each other’s company and our food.

We didn’t go out for dinner this year. In fact, we haven’t been out for dinner in more than a year. Our Valentine’s Day dinner wasn’t fancy, but it was safe. In fact, I have difficulty imagining what a pair of young lovers might go through for a romantic dinner. I mean, do they get to see each other’s faces? Well, not in public or unless they’re eating. And what about social distancing? If they’re not in each other’s bubble, are they even sitting together? Or maybe they’re six feet apart at a long table? Who passes the salt? How do they talk to each other? Do they have to text?

Okay, dinner would be a challenge, but let’s get to the important part.

The Kiss
Ah yes, the moment the couple yearns for, the goodnight kiss. Wait…is that even safe these days? I guess if both parties are double masked and avoid skin contact. Stroking of the brow or cheek is strictly taboo. And what about clothing? Does that need to be decontaminated? Washed? Burned?

Glad I’m not twenty.

Fortunately, we didn’t have a socially distanced Valentine’s Day. After more than forty years of marriage and a year of isolation together, there were no masks or long tables, but there was a goodnight kiss. So what about you? How did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day? Did you have to worry about social distancing? If so, how did you cope?

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