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Diane A.S. Stuckart is pleased to announce that Fool’s Moon, Book 1 in the Tarot Cats Mystery series from Midnight Ink, will be on the shelves November 8.

Terry Odell released her first three Blackthorne, Inc. novels as a boxed set and will be sharing November royalties with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Nancy J. Cohen reports that her Haunted Hair Nights cozy mystery novella was a finalist in the Independent Author Network 2018 Book of the Year Awards.

Karla Brandenburg is working on the final installment of her Epitaph series, scheduled for release in early 2019.

Cheryl Hollon is a featured speaker at the Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading on Nov. 17th at the University of South Florida.

Maggie Toussaint recently gave her “Villains are Characters Too” workshop for Low Country Sisters in Crime and her “Journey to Publication” talk for the North End Book Club.





Let’s Talk with Diane Stuckart

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