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News From Our Members

The fourth Seamus McCree novel, Doubtful Relations, by James M. Jackson is scheduled for release August 23, 2016.

Sleuthing Women Mysteries, an anthology of 10 first-in-series mysteries including Maggie Toussaint’s “In For A Penny” has just been reduced to $0.99

Karla Brandenburg is working on her new romantic suspense series, which includes ghosts! The first book, Epitaph, should be ready in time for Halloween

Terry Odell’s third Triple-D Ranch romantic suspense is with beta readers and early reports say they’re loving it.

Tina Whittle’s Reckoning and Ruin, the 5th in her Tai Randolph/Trey Seaver series, is available now on audiobook.

Nancy J. Cohen has released the audiobook version of Permed to Death, Book 1 in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries.









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Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

Soundtracks by Karla Brandenburg Music is an integral part of who I am. I grew up with it and we have a running joke about “that music affliction,” which means at any point in time, any member of my family might just break into song as it applies to the topic under discussion. Most of us can be transported into a specific time and place when we here a song. A first kiss. A first dance. The birth … [Read More...]