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Our August contest will run from August 4th – 18th.

News From Our Members

Nancy J. Cohen has two releases coming in August. Warrior Lord, #3 in the Drift Lords Series, will debut on August 1st. And the mass market edition of Shear Murder will be available from Worldwide Mystery Library. For more details, visit Nancy’s website.

Terry Odell is excited to share her revamped and reorganized website. Please take a look. She’d love to know if you like the features and easier navigation.

Maggie Toussaint signed a contract with Five Star Cengage for Book 2 in her new dreamwalker series. Bubba Done It will be a May 2015 release. In the story, Baxley must figure out which Bubba killed the bank president or her brother-in-law could go to jail.

Terry Ambrose’s License to Lie was selected as a Finalist in the 2014 San Diego Book Awards. His latest thriller in that series received a Kirkus review that said, “Ambrose touches on high-finance malfeasance, adultery and drug dealing with the kind of snark that will remind readers of Elmore Leonard. Given their moral nuances, Roxy and Skip are entertaining anchors for a series, and the introduction of Lily brings the promise of further complications for their relationship. . . A solid second round of capers featuring this attractive, cynical couple.” — Kirkus Reviews