Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen


Fairy Tale Endings

By Nancy J Cohen

My husband and I are Disney fans. Recent movies we’ve seen include Tomorrowland and Cinderella. One of our favorite TV shows is Once Upon A Time. And we have annual passes to Disney World that we visit every other month.


I guess I’ve never grown out of fairy tales. I still like happy endings and won’t see a film unless I know it ends well. That’s probably why I haven’t watched Game of Thrones. This isn’t always true regarding books, however. I don’t mind loose ends or a cliffhanger ending on occasion in a series if I know the main characters survive. You can do dastardly things to my heroes but make sure they triumph in the end. Now I’d apply this more to scifi/fantasy than mysteries, which do need a solution to the crime. But Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, of which I’ve read every book, leaves several of his stories with one main character or another in jeopardy. The day he kills off the hero, if it should ever occur, is the day I stop reading him.

Sword Truth

Is this expectation for a joyous resolution a fairy tale? Of course it is. So are the mysteries I write. Justice isn’t always served in the real world, and criminals walk free. But we need this imaginary fight against evil to quell our fears and to bring order to the universe. And how more classic can you get than Snow White versus the Evil Queen? Yep, back to Disney again. I’m a sap for sentimental endings. That’s why my books will leave you smiling and never with tears on your face except for pleasure.

Paz Jen

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  1. Karin wins an ebook copy of Warrior Prince. Please contact me with your email address and choice of format.

  2. maggietoussaint says

    I’m a Disney fan and I love their movies. Like you, Nancy, I enjoy a happily ever after, where either justice is served and/or the guy gets the girl. Sometimes, we all need (and enjoy) an escape into story world! My favorite movie of all time? Galaxy Quest! It has humor, a bit of swashbuckling romance, science fiction, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    • Galaxy Quest is my all-time favorite movie, too. Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in second. Like you, I enjoy the humor along with the action and romance. Gosh, we should have a movie marathon together sometime. Too bad we don’t live closer.

  3. Definitely like upbeat, hopeful endings. H/H likely to have that HEA (although they don’t need it in that book, just the promise), and mysteries solved.

  4. Ana Kurland says

    No wonder I like your books, I’m also a Disney Freak (and AP holder) and Oncer. I like happy endings, although a little sadness does not bother me. I don’t like tragic endings.

    • It’s okay to have some tear jerking as long as all ends well. I’m an AP holder, too. Looking forward to the new eateries coming to Disney Springs when refurbished.

  5. I don’t like it when I am reading a series and one of my favorites gets killed off. All the female NCIS agents should beware – look what happened to Kate Todd, Paula Cassidy, Jenny Shepard, Michelle Lee and now possibly Ziva David.

  6. I’m a sucker for fairy tales, too. I guess that’s why I wrote my own version of Grimm’s (although I love Disney). And I don’t like movies that make me cry, even if they’re well done!