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Celebrating Indulgence!

May 2, 2024

Greetings, chocolate lovers! Today is National Truffle Day. For me, however, this celebrates a velvety ball of pure cocoa bliss, meticulously crafted to melt in your mouth, sending waves of euphoria through your taste buds. Not the fruiting body of a subterranean fungus.

photo from CANVA

Oh, the marvels of chocolate truffles! They are the ultimate indulgence, perfect for elevating any occasion from mundane to magical. Date night? Yes, please! A cozy evening by the fireplace? Absolutely essential. Need a pick-me-up during a hectic day? Chocolate truffles to the rescue!

Let’s not forget their versatility. From classic dark chocolate to exotic flavors like sea salt caramel or raspberry champagne, there’s a truffle for everyone. Plus, they make for exquisite gifts, guaranteed to bring joy to anyone lucky enough to receive them.

photo from CANVA

So, dear readers, if you haven’t already experienced the sheer delight of this treat, what are you waiting for? Are you a fan of chocolate truffles? If not, are you willing to become one? I can’t resist them! Happy National Truffle Day.

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30 thoughts on “Celebrating Indulgence!

  1. I like your take on “truffle day“ being a chance to celebrate chocolate truffles! I don’t eat sugar, so I experimented with dates and cocoa powder and came up with my own version of chocolate truffles that I can eat. I used to bring them to share with coworkers and even those who eat sugar really enjoyed mine 😄 I think that supports your statement that there is a truffle for everyone!

    1. I’m so impressed by your experimental truffle. I don’t care for a lot of sugar either.

  2. Oh, yes! Truffles! But for those of us who love mystery, why do two foods that have absolutely nothing in common, have the same name? Inquiring minds want to know. And has anyone ever produced a “truffle” truffle? Chocolate-covered exotic fungus, anyone?

    1. Hi Lois, what a wonderful question. Here’s what I found out: The reason they share a name likely stems from their similar appearance. Chocolate truffles are often round or irregularly shaped, resembling the rough, knobby appearance of the mushroom truffles. Additionally, both are considered luxurious and indulgent treats. I actually LOVE both!

    1. I have a chocolate shop just a few blocks away — I’ve been known to stop in for a truffle treat after I’ve got my writing done. Magic!

  3. I tried truffles. Once. But I dearly love chocolate in all its many splendored forms!

  4. You got me curious about truffles vs. truffles so I did a Google search. According to the Chocolate Museum and Cafe, “The word “truffle” comes from a Latin word that means “Lump.” Because of their striking likeness, truffles are called after mushrooms with the same name.” So now we know. 🙂

    1. Spot on, Diane! Until this post — I really never connected the double meaning.

  5. Hi, yes I really like Truffles. I dont care for the Dark chocolate ones though. Have a great day and great weekend, hard to believe tomorrow is Friday already. I loved reading your post.

    1. Thanks Alicia, I’m a fan of dark chocolate right up to 85%. Then it tastes bitter to me.

    1. Hi Terry, I’m going to stop by the chocolate shop after I finish my writing today — so rewarding!

  6. I love dark chocolate including dark chocolate truffles. Sometimes treat myself and order champagne truffles from a place in New York. Pair it with a good book, it is wonderful!

  7. I love the new strawberries and cream truffles from Lindt. They are great! I don’t eat a lot of chocolate, but since these are made with white chocolate, I can eat them. I dole them out to myself one or two a week!

  8. My favorite chocolate Truffle is Godiva dark chocolate . I found it in an airport in Orlando Florida . I bought 5 bars and put them in the freezer when I got back to Kentucky for later .

  9. I’m not as much of a dark chocolate fan as I used to be, but I love chocolate truffles. Mushroom truffles are blech! LOL

  10. I am not a big chocolate person, but definitely would enjoy chocolate truffles, especially dark chocolate which has some health benefits! Hubby used to work at Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate shop, and we always had the opportunity to enjoy its yummy treats!

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