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Boeing company Boeing 707 N68657

From a historic flight to a necessary evil
by Terry Ambrose

If you were to check the calendar for what happened on July 15 in history, you wouldn’t find a lot of good news. There was the Mars Mariner 4 flyby in 1965 that gave us our first look at the red planet. As a kid who read science-fiction and dreamed of one day flying to the stars, the flyby was very cool. But if you’re a traveler—come on, I know you’re out there!—another event on this date in 1954 might have even more meaning for you. It was the maiden flight of America’s first jet airliner, the Boeing 707. That flight, of course, paved the way for the luxury of commercial flight as we know it today.

From luxury to economy…and below

A long time ago, in what feels today like a different lifetime, flying was a luxury. Those were the days when it was fun. It was cool. And you could get to some awesome places in hours, not days! I can remember our first flights to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines. The seating was spacious, the flight attendants were…well, attentive. The food was, for lack of a better term, actual food. Contrast that against our last return flight from Hawaii in 2019 when we were crammed into seats with barely enough legroom for a child, the flight attendants mostly ignored us and sometimes got a little cranky, and we heard the food was awful. (We carry on our own food these days.)

Treasure Most Deadly by Terry AmbroseI’d love to return to Hawaii next year, but I no longer look forward to getting on a plane. I consider commercial air travel to be a necessary evil, something to be endured, not enjoyed. What about you? Do you still enjoy air travel? Or are you fed up and done with it? 

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