Let’s Talk with Cheryl Hollon

Decisions and Changes

by Cheryl Hollon

This is day 115 out of 365. Yikes, that means that this year is almost one-third done – how did that happen? I haven’t yet written down my goals for this year. But that’s another story.

This is a year of change for me. Big changes. We’ve put our house up for sale and moved into an apartment in downtown St. Petersburg. In the media, it’s called DTSP or simply the Burg. But in either case, we love the urban lifestyle and embrace the freedom that comes with renting.

I’m not the only one in my circle who is moving. A local book store that has been a champion for my books and a friend to readers, Books @ Park Place, is moving to a new location at 6800 Gulfport Boulevard S., Unit #113, in the South Pasadena Shopping Center.

I’m excited because their new location is much closer and has a higher rate of walk-in traffic. This is good for a local bookstore.

I’ve known the owner, Nancy Alloy for several years now. She’s the perfect bookseller. She knows what I like to read and has several new recommendations for me each time I visit the store.

We also usually have a rollicking good gossip about whatever is the latest in the publishing industry. Who has a new book deal? Who has an unexpected best seller? Great fun for us both.

She also has great book signing events that feature a wide variety of authors ranging from poets, horror, self-published, rescue organizations, board game night, and movie book night.

Here is another great reason to visit — book store dog Watson.

Book @ Park Place has offered me an opportunity to host a mystery book club once a month. I’m so honored to be asked, but I’m a little hesitant as well. Would I pick good books? Can I lead a good discussion? Would anyone show up?

That’s my question this week. Should I promise to be a loyal attendee? Or should I say yes to hosting a mystery book club?

Here’s a link to her website:  Books @ Park Place 

Also, we have a new contest and book giveaway every month, and our May contest will run May 1-18, so bookmark our site for frequent access!