Let’s Talk with Nancy J. Cohen

Gift Shopping

by Nancy J Cohen

As we are bombarded with shopping bargains and daily deals during this gift-giving season, let’s remember the joy a book can bring to a friend or family member. Keeping the person’s interests in mind, you can find something for every taste. What they watch on TV or in the movies, the magazines they read, or their favorite pastimes should clue you in. See what you can find that taps into this interest.

For example, does your friend like cooking? Check out cookbooks or culinary mysteries. She’s into crafts? Lots of crafty mysteries abound or perhaps a new book on quilting has just come out, or even the biography of a figure in history who started the craze. He only likes sports? Maybe a book on the history of the sport, a favorite player’s autobiography, or a guide to the upcoming season. Music lovers might want a book that delves into the history of their favorite tunes or portrays one of the artists. Look hard enough, and you’ll find something for everyone.

And don’t overlook OUR books. Please check out our authors and see what might appeal to your gift recipients. Books last longer than food and can even be a generational gift. Let’s encourage reading! Buy a book today for at least one person on your holiday list. That person might even be you.

Name one title on your shopping or wish list for this month.