Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

Making Lists – Checking them Twice

by Karla Brandenburg

The holiday season is filled with things to do, and that can be overwhelming at times. It starts with Thanksgiving, and all the preparations that go with that. Most people start with their grocery lists, or lists of “who’s bringing what” for the feast that kicks it all off. Then it moves on to shopping, and more cooking.

Are you one of those Black Friday shoppers? I think I’ve gone exactly once in my life. I’m not a shopper to begin with, so going out to the stores with a gazillion other people does not appeal to me, however, lists were made. What do I want to give to the people I love for Christmas this year? Thanks to the magic of advertising, I made a couple of decisions early (well done, ad agency). On the flip side of that, I did see some ads that completely turned me off to a particular store—one retailer completely dissed Thanksgiving, promoting shopping over family time in what I thought was a distasteful ad (yes, they opened Thanksgiving day). Not a store that will make my shopping list.

And then there is more feasting. Cookies to be made. Specialty desserts that only come out to play for the holidays. More scrumptious repasts to plan. More lists.

Without my lists, I’d be lost this time of year. Too many events to plan for, too many treats to be made. I don’t want to miss a thing! So I’m making my lists and checking them twice.

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Happy holidays