Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

Which is better? The movie or the book?
by Karla Brandenburg

Are any of you watching Outlander? When first I read those books, I was hooked. Captivated. They sent me to Scotland in search of standing stones and castles and hunky highlanders in spite of bad weather and bad food, etc. The series has been brilliantly adapted to the small screen, staying very true to the books, which I find amazing and fascinating.

And then there are movies that aren’t even close to the books. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes that’s very disappointing. I have not read Lee Childs, nor have I watched a Jack Reacher movie yet, but I’m told Tom Cruise isn’t even close to resembling ol’ Jack.

Rebecca is another movie that was modified from the book, but that was to address societal morals of the time. A murderous hero was not acceptable in a movie. Sir Laurence Olivier was a very stiff Maxim (although I still enjoyed the movie). I’d also read that he and Joan Fontaine didn’t get along, so it was difficult to convince viewers that she’d captivated him.

What movie were you impressed with that either stuck to the book or strayed too far away?

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