Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

New Beginnings
by Nancy J. Cohen

January is the start of a new year and also the beginning of decisions to come. Should you join a health club, plan the vacation you’ve always wanted or submit your manuscript to a publisher? We start out with great resolutions that often fizzle along the way. It’s best if you set concrete goals that are achievable and list the steps you need to take to get there.

For my writing, I set creative and business goals. Then I go down the list throughout the year. In my personal life, it’s often the same refrain—follow a better diet, take longer walks, spend more time with family and friends, allow time off to reflect on life and enjoy our blessings. This year, we’re in a new house and I have to start my next book. I’m not particularly fond of starting over in either respect but it must be done. It’s easy to get complacent without change.

I can’t go on without mentioning the pandemic. Hopefully, this is the year of the vaccine and the reopening of our world. We’re all ready for change in that regard. We’ll see a political upheaval in Washington D.C. that will address climate change and foreign relations and other issues that have been neglected, among them preparation for any future pandemics. Many lessons could be gained from these past few years. Everyone’s lives have been disrupted and we are all hoping for the beginning of the end to these problems.

What’s on your personal list for 2021? Are you going to try something totally new or continue on to reach a current goal? Name at least one thing you’d like to accomplish this year. Good luck and best wishes for a healthy and productive future ahead!

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