Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

November Musings

by Nancy J. Cohen

November has always been a special month to me. It’s the start of the holiday season, with stores displaying Christmas decorations and stocking chocolate Hanukkah coins and dreidels.


It’s my birthday month, which is challenging for my family because it ties in with the holidays and our December anniversary. And it’s Thanksgiving, with turkey and dressing and all the fixings.

We always vow to watch our diets and not consume too much in the feasts to come, but if we do, never fear. New Year’s resolutions can take care of the extra calories. Visions of pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies dance in our minds along with romantic fables on TV’s Hallmark Channel and music from the Nutcracker ballet.

Every shop we enter has Christmas cards, gift wrap, wreaths and tinsel ready for purchase along with stacks of gifts and toys. How can we resist temptation with all this hype? Doesn’t it work you into a feeding and shopping frenzy? (Remember to put books on your gift lists!)

Thanksgiving comes first, perhaps to remind us of what’s really important—our families. It’s a time for gathering, for celebrating the things we have rather than what we want, for being grateful for our blessings. That’s the real spirit of the season.

So tell the truth now. Have you started your holiday shopping? Started addressing greeting cards? Made up your menu for holiday dinners? How do you deal with the holiday rush?

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