Let’s Talk with Cheryl Hollon

I found a new co-working space for writing!
By Cheryl Hollon

Even before the shutdown last year, I had fallen in love with co-working spaces throughout downtown St. Petersburg. I loved the energy of a creative environment usually fueled by an in-house coffee shop. I would pick a quiet corner and pound out my word target with ease.

As with everything else, that stopped for a while, but lately, new places are popping up. So here’s my latest co-work dedicated desk.

I’ve chosen a spot on the fourth floor in a corner office. This is my view out into the shared office. There’s room for six, but I’m an early morning writer, so I rarely have company before ten o’clock. The double doors lead to a conference room.

The building is over one hundred years old and decorated with local art and lots of plants. The coffee machine makes excellent espresso from locally roasted coffee. I’m in caffeine heaven!

My desk is a dream. It moves from sitting to standing position with the touch of a button. It’s the first time I’ve been comfortable standing up to write. I think that’s because it’s so easy to change from one to the other.

This tiny balcony gives me a chance to step outdoors and look down on the busy Central Avenue. Within a few steps are a sandwich shop, a Vietnamese restaurant, a butcher shop, and a chocolate shop.

The owners are a prominent lawyer and her wife. They’ve done a great job of providing the right mix of luxury with practicality.


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You’ve seen my new happy place for writing. What’s your happy place look like? Is it a cozy reading nook? A sun porch? A kitchen that you alone command? I’d love to know!

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