Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen


by Nancy J. Cohen

New Year’s Day brings an accounting for what we’ve accomplished over the past year and what we want to do next. Aside from business goals, we tend to focus on many of the same things each year as we set our resolutions. Let’s see which ones affect you. Pick a statement on each line item that reflects your beliefs.

Diet and Fitness
a) I plan to eat healthy, lose weight, and increase my exercise level.
b) At my age, who cares? I’m going to enjoy myself.

Family and Friends
a) Emotional attachments distract from my goals. I need to focus more on Me this year.
b) I should spend more quality time with my loved ones and call my friends more often.

a) I need to increase my production level and raise my social media profile.
b) I shouldn’t compare myself to others. What works for me is fine.

a) There are dozens of things I need to learn to keep up with changing technology.
b) I’ll learn new things as I need them and won’t stress out over it.

Leisure Time
a) Time off? What’s that?
b) I’ve always wanted to learn [fill in the blank]. Now is the time to do it.

a) I read trade magazines and work manuals. Does that count?
b) I plan to double my books read this year. So many good stories to read, never enough time!

So where do you stand on your personal goals? Would you add anything to these categories?

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