Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

Summer Picnics
by Nancy J. Cohen

In the summers when I grew up, we used to take driving trips. My mother would pack lunches for us to picnic at rest stops along the way. It was fun when I didn’t have to prepare the food. Now I’d rather eat in an air-conditioned restaurant than outside with the bees, flies and ants. But those rest areas were often lovely with shady trees, grassy hills and woodland streams.

We traveled west to Colorado to see relatives. We went north to explore Nova Scotia and Quebec. We visited the Catskills in New York and yes, we stayed at one of those all-inclusive resorts. Or we went to state parks where we could rent boats and enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch.

I don’t remember much about the food. Did my mother make sandwiches? Was roast chicken on the menu? I wish I could recall those memories but they’re gone with the wind. We did take driving trips with our own kids but I can’t remember what we brought along in the coolers for those occasions, either. Ditto for beach excursions.

Woman on picnic pouring juice for her child

Is your memory better than mine? Do you remember picnicking in your early days or with your children? Do you even enjoy outdoor picnics?

I love it when someone else prepares the food, especially if it’s grilled chicken, burgers or hot dogs. That’s why I look forward so much to the private island beach barbecues when we go on cruises. But I’d settle for fried chicken with potato salad and cole slaw or even pre-made sandwiches if you invite me for a picnic lunch.

What would be on your menu? Do you have a favorite picnic meal?