Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Tribbles – we’ve all heard of them
By Maggie Toussaint

In Happy Homicides 3, due out June 1, my amateur sleuth Lindsey McKay is startled when a young woman tells her she’s got turtle tribbles. Turns out this lady is a Trekkie and Tribbles are fluffy space creatures that multiply quicker than bunnies.

web IMG_1856Lindsey’s not sure how to take this news, torn between incredulity that aliens might be after loggerhead turtle eggs and bitten by the journalistic fever that she might break the story of the century in her weekly newspaper. The young woman, a college intern who won the prestige of being the Turtle Girl (she monitors turtle nests on barrier islands in Lindsey’s coastal Georgia county), says she has photos.

tribble fake picThe fur ball above might be a Tribble, or it just might be fur ball. Photos were once considered hard proof, but today, with a little judicious snipping and pasting here and there, a picture can be a complete work of fiction. To learn what happens in the novella “Turtle Tribbles,” you’ll have to read the story, but let’s have a little fun with photo blending ideas.

Imagine you have mad photo skills. You can create anything in a photo. What would it be? A new animal? Costumed world leaders doing the hula dance? A space invasion? A six-generation collage of the women in your family?

One commenter will win a copy of Happy Homicides 3 when it releases! Let’s hear those ideas…