Maggie Toussaint

MaggieToussaint_LargeHer recent releases include, Bubba Done It, a paranormal mystery: G-3, a dystopian thriller in her The Guardian of Earth series, and Really, Truly Dead, a novella in the Happy Homicide anthology series.

Maggie lives in coastal Georgia, where secrets, heritage, and ancient oaks cast long shadows. Yoga, beachcombing, and music are a few of her favorite things.

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Bubba Done It 

BubbaDoneItFrontWhich Bubba killed the banker?

Bubba Done It is the 2nd book in Maggie’s Dreamwalker series. In the book, amateur sleuth Baxley Powell is with the sheriff and hears the dying man’s words, “Bubba done it.” Trouble is, the town is full of Bubbas.

What the pros are saying:

“Toussaint’s sophomore paranormal effort (after Gone and Done It) is replete with Southern charm and colorful characters. Just the ticket for folks missing Charlaine Harris’s Harper Connelly books; mysteries by Heather Blake and Bailey Cates offer similar fun reads.” –Library Journal

“A Georgia single mother with psychic powers races to find a killer before she’s next on the list. Since any one of the Bubbas could have killed Morgan, Baxley must use information from both her dreamwalks and her ordinary snooping to narrow down the field. Toussaint’s second Dreamwalker entry (Gone and Done It, 2014) is a walk on the paranormal side with a gritty heroine and plenty of Bubbas.” – Kirkus Review

“It’s a pleasure to see Baxley’s paranormal powers expanding. This unique element adds to the story’s mystique. With its cast of quirky characters, Southern setting, and psychic sleuth, Bubba Done It will keep you guessing until the end.” —Nancy Cohen, author of Bad Hair Day Mysteries

Maggie Toussaint has a flair for writing well written books with moments of humor, high suspense and guessing which “Bubba Done It” until the end. I highly recommend any book written by Ms. Toussaint. She never disappoints her readers. – Debra Knotts, Goodreads Reviewer

“Toussaint will keep you guessing right up until the end which Bubba done it, and it’s hard to put the book down when the next chapter could have anything from a funeral food-fight to the final reveal.” – Romantic Times

“Maggie Toussaint always writes a great book with enough twists and turns to always keep you guessing.” – Mary Gramlich, The Reading Reviewer

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Will Zeke save the world?

G-3 by Rigel CarsonIn this third book of The Guardian of Earth series, Dr. Zeke Landry is puzzled by the change in the sea thickness after the meteor shower. Soon he learns Earth has a big problem on her hands. Will Zeke figure out how to thwart the invasion, or will Earth perish?

What the pros are saying about this series:

One of the best near-future books period. I’m a sucker for near-future books. I’ve read a lot of them, but I’ve never read one quite like this. It grabbed me from the beginning with an intriguing mystery and it was written perfectly to keep the pages turning. There’s been a lot of love dished out to the characters (especially Forman) and that praise is absolutely deserved! I definitely agree with the vast majority of positive reviews and was baffled by the lone negative review. Rushed ending? More like I was rushing to the ending because I couldn’t put the book down. —Jake Lingwall, author of Freelancer

This is a good old fashion mystery novel that happens to be set in the not-so-distant future. The earth is losing valuable drinking water, and not due to pollution like today. It is literally disappearing. Dr. Zeke Landry is on the case, trying to solve this mystery as well as the one regarding the increase in natural disasters. As he digs deeper, he learns that neither is because of natural planetary cycles, but something more sinister.
You will love Forman, the only non-human main character that is perhaps the most human and certainly the most fun. Makes me want a robot assistant, only I think I would prefer a Carrie or a Barbara rather than a Gary or a Bob. – Travis O Wooten, 5 Stars

Water—it’s in short supply in Rigel Carson’s riveting new Sci-Fi novel, G-1. The ecological disaster consuming earth in the year 2065 puts the entire planet in jeopardy. Dr. Zeke Landry, a reclusive scientist, has been busy delving into the mystery of earth’s missing water supply. But behind the scenes, nefarious forces seek to undermine his efforts at uncovering the truth. But a key holds the clue to the earth’s survival, and only Zeke possesses the ability to unleash it’s vast powers. Only he has no idea that he has this power. Nor does he know where this key is located.

Carson’s tale is an ecological mystery and parable. It has elements of Greek mythology and contains political intrigue rivaling that of the Roman Empire. The manipulation of Mother Nature pits evil versus good, and water becomes the tool by which to leverage muscle and win power. Because of his birthright, Zeke is eventually forced out of his protective shell when his lab is destroyed, and he becomes forced to chose which side he will align with. For him only the truth matters.

This was a riveting and entertaining novel. I especially loved the characters, my favorite being the charismatic robot named Forman. A stunningly handsome bisexual gigolo when we first meet him, and programmed that way for a specific reason, this Adonis soon becomes an integral part of the plot to save the world. There’s Bea, a famous musician, and her sister Jessie, who become entangled in the web as well. The evil conspiracists, One, Two, Three and Four, add more intrigue as they fight amongst themselves in their attempt to take over the earth.

This was a thoroughly engaging and fast moving novel. I read it the span of twenty-four hours, finding it hard to put down. Carson has a flair for plotting and is particularly skilled at mixing in elements of science and technology. There’s a dire warning in her message, both political and environmental, and that’s what makes this novel so relevant to our times. I highly recommend this book! – Joseph Souza, Portland, ME, 5 stars on Amazon

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