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April 7, 2022

Ain’t it funny how time slips away?

Lies, Spies, and the Baker's SurpriseIt seems like it was yesterday that I was beginning the process of plotting Lies, Spies, and the Baker’s Surprise, the sixth Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery. But calendars don’t lie, and mine says it was actually October when I started. Early October. Here I am, six months later, scrambling to finish edits. Where did the days go? I’m not sure, but I think Willie Nelson had the right idea when he wrote Funny How Time Slips Away.

Little distractions add up to big delays

It doesn’t matter what your favorite music genre is, Funny How Time Slips Away has been on most of the charts at one point or another. If you’re familiar with the song, you know it follows the standard formula. There’s a guy. His heart’s been broken. And he’s just run into his old love. Kind of an age-old problem, but one with universal appeal.

Like the guy Willie wrote about, it was the little things that snuck in and got me. Email? Check. Blog post? Check. Exercise, doctor’s appointments, a chance to do something fun. It didn’t matter. Life was a party and I was drunk on distractions. And the next thing I knew, it was Thanksgiving. Then came Christmas. And it went. President’s Day. Yikes! I had a book due in two months and was still editing! Willie, I get it. I understand where the song came from. I also realized I was out of time. (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to fire off a Rolling Stones reference.)

Clock tower on the Dunedin rail station
Another piece of detail that makes the rail station a classic piece of history.

Time keeps on slipping…

Sorry again…no, actually, I’m not. I loved the Steve Miller Band. Fly Like an Eagle was a great song! Uh oh, look at that. The distractions keep popping up. Maybe I need a time management guru. Someone to scold me for letting myself get distracted. Could I manage my time better? Most likely. But then, over the past six months, I’ve gotten to do things besides sit at my desk and write. And you know what? It felt good. 

So, what about you? Are you focused like a laser and get things done? Or, do little distractions creep into your schedule until suddenly, baby, you’re out of time?  

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8 thoughts on “Ain’t it funny how time slips away?

  1. Hi Terry! I feel your conflict. I personally have a very disciplined routine, but lately, I’m scheduling for time away from the keyboard. I’m telling myself that I work better after a break. I’m sure that’s right.

    1. Hey Cheryl, I believe you’re correct. It’s one reason I decided to take over the cooking in our house. That task forces me to be away from my desk and my attention is focused on something else…except when it’s not, and then dinner is a disaster!

  2. I get laser focused on whatever I’m doing, much to the detriment of everything else. It also takes longer per unit of work to accomplish the same task. I could blame the pandemic in general, but the slowing of the Maggie started before the pandemic. I just had to adjust and reset my chronometer! I loved Fly Like an Eagle as well. We still have a Steve Miller mix in our trip collection for drives. I can’t imagine churning out a book in six months, so kudos to you for that!!!

  3. My biggest distraction right now is my new computer running out of storage space so that I can’t save or retrieve my files. I’m trying to prune my photos to regain space, but this is a never-ending task. Meanwhile, I cannot work on my book if I can’t save the files. To save myself more grief, I’ve ordered a 2 tb hard drive to have installed in my computer. I had one in my last computer but got caught up in newer technology with a higher speed drive and less space. Learned my lesson. Get what you think you might need and pay the extra amount. Same as a house – aim for more space than you think you’ll need. You will find a way to fill the rooms.

  4. I’m a multi-tasker so I have a bad tendency to jump from project to project, though nothing is better than crossing off a “to-do” on my white board. But, yes, time seems to be wearing roller skates these days. Whooshing on past…

    1. Hey Diane, right now I’m listening to the sound of a riding mower going up and down the golf course behind our house, and I’m thinking, hmmm…wouldn’t it be nice to just have that single thing to do for so long!

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