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Glass Half-Empty or Glass Half-full?

January 26, 2023

I consider myself a glass half-full person, but there are times when I plunge into the deep end of glass half-empty. Concern for loved ones will do that, and health issues can shift me off-center. And then I stop and realize those concerns are totally out of my control. Worry isn’t positive. It can, in fact, cause a person to lose sight of all the many, many good things in his or her life.

Even though it’s late in the month for resolutions or goals for 2023, thinking positive is my year-long mission. I want to refocus right away if I drift into the never-never land of worry.

Ways that I refocus: prayer is number one, journaling is next, followed by seeking the confidence of a trusted friend or family member. Distraction (staying busy, movies, writing books, reading) works to some extent as does staying active, which for me is walking in the neighborhood.

One thing’s for sure, I am super glass-full to the brim over the recent launch of SNUFFED OUT, A Magic Candle Shop Mystery, book 1, writing as Valona Jones. Thank you, everyone, for helping pull off this amazing launch. (Be sure to review your copy!)

Now that the immediate frenzy of marketing is returning to manageable levels I’m rolling up my sleeves to get book two, IN THE WICK OF TIME, through the production chain and ready for launch in late summer/early fall. I’m also on the verge of submitting book 3 for consideration by Crooked Lane Publishing. Then I will soon be working on ideas for book 4 in the series.

I love writing mysteries and as you saw above, writing is one of my coping mechanisms if I inadvertently fall off the happy train. Into which category do you fall mood-wise? Glass half-full or Glass half-empty?

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16 thoughts on “Glass Half-Empty or Glass Half-full?

  1. My attitude varies depending on the particular concern. Writing is a distraction for me, too, as I can get absorbed by these activities and forget about everything else, at least temporarily. Plus daytime brings enough other things to do in the house. It’s at night that the worry demon sits on my shoulder.

    1. Sometimes the temporary distractions are enough to get us through. I find having a respite of almost any duration is a way to break the cycle of worry and concern. It’s not as easy as it sounds, of course, and setting aside the worry to do something else, anything else, is often difficult. It may not be this way for everyone, but that solace of doing something else helps me step back from the issue that seems gigantic and allows me to focus on the bigger picture.

    1. It’s my opinion that some of the best ideas in the world come from dreamers. They can tap into the creative jet stream that is elusive to others. I also think there are many dreamers who’ve had to don a “work persona,” and they often work (for the betterment of their family) in a noncreative atmosphere. To have the luxury to be your true self is indeed a precious thing.

  2. It depends. I’d like to say that I am an optimist who dreams outside the box, but I really am analytical trying to find solutions that may be out of the box. That’s why, there are times when things don’t work into my analysis that the glass becomes half empty and I despair. That’s when I read or revert to even looking at family pictures until I’m back on the even keel of knocking out the to-do list and knowing the glass is half-full

  3. Maggie…you’re definitely a busy bee! There’s a qualifying quote (I think it’s attributed to more than one person) that tells us the glass is neither half-full nor half-empty, it’s just the wrong size glass. So my vote is, find a different (metaphorical) glass and you solve your problems!

    1. That’s different. I felt sure you were going to say pour one pina colada glass into the other and then its FULL!!! Thanks for weighing in, Diane!

  4. Some people see the glass of life half-full; others see it half-empty. I just see half a glass, making me neither an optimist nor a pessimist but a pragmatist. 😉

    Congrats on your new release, Maggie!

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