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March 21, 2024

I found my joy…what’s yours?

The Secret Ingredient to MurderI began writing fiction more than 35 years ago when the pressures of work overwhelmed me. Quite honestly, I was ready to kill someone, but the age-old adage—don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time—held me back. Too chicken to take my chances with the justice system, I did the next best thing—I bumped off that irritant on the pages of a book. 

By the time I finished, I realized two fundamental facts. First, I felt better. I’d inadvertently rediscovered my love of writing, which is a cathartic process for me. The second thing I realized was that, while I felt better, my great American novel was terrible and was not going to be optioned for the silver screen anytime soon.

Because I don’t like doing anything halfway, I decided to get better at writing. Classes, seminars, writers groups, editors—I did them all. And gradually, I got better at the craft of writing a mystery. I still haven’t gotten that movie contract, but next week, I’ll release my 21st novel, The Secret Ingredient to Murder. This is the eighth Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery. With eight murders in only a few years, it’s no wonder that Seaside Cove is getting a reputation as the little town where murder meets the sea! 

In Seaside Cove, every truffle has a dark side.

Bed-and-breakfast owner Rick Atwood agrees to help investigate the theft of Tyler Winkle’s secret chocolate recipe. But the investigation takes a turn when a man who wanted to buy the recipe is murdered. The only clue to the killer’s identity is a 17-word poem that the killer left behind. 

Before the crime scene is cleared, Rick’s thirteen-year-old daughter Alex and Tyler’s seventeen-year-old niece team up to launch a shadow investigation. Concerned about the dangers of a murder investigation and the influence of Tyler’s headstrong niece, Rick tries to put his foot down. 

Rick quickly discovers that the suspects in this case have more secrets than the ingredients in Tyler Winkle’s world-famous chocolate recipe. He also realizes that parenting a young teen is turning out to be harder than tracking down a killer with a flair for poetry.

Win a book!

If you like the sounds of The Secret Ingredient to Murder, click here to preorder on Amazon. And since I like to liven things up, let’s have a mini-contest! Entering is simple, just leave a comment for a chance to win a Kindle copy of any of my books. That’s right, you choose which one you want! The winner will be selected after March 27th. In your comment, why not tell me about what you do that brings you joy? I look forward to hearing from you! (By the way, I’m also running another contest on my website. Click here to visit this week’s jigsaw puzzle post and enter!)

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17 thoughts on “I found my joy…what’s yours?

  1. Opening an email that says I am the winner of this contest would certainly bring me a lot of joy. 🙂

  2. Terry, the joy of virtually bumping off an irritant new grows old! Having been lucky enough to read this new book pre-publication, I can tell everyone it’s another winner in the series.

  3. I find joy in writing, photography, arts & crafts, and music. Basically, anything that is using creativity, bright colors, and harmonies do it for me!

  4. I love finding trees flowering and unexpected flowers in my yard. Like the clump of two-tone daffodils that popped up in the back.

  5. Chocolate, gardening and books bring me joy and that first cup of hot tea in the morning makes me smile. Thank you for the chance.

  6. Writing, reading, watching Hallmark movies, taking walks and dining out bring me pleasure. I enjoyed your latest story, Terry. Anything where recipes are mentioned always gets my attention.

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