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Let’s Talk about resolutions

December 30, 2021

Our Resolutions

Every year when New Year’s rolls around, we are faced with the resolution question. Do we once again set a sky high goal and then let it slide as we get busy? Or do we take up the standard and seek something MORE for ourselves? What’s a person to do with all this pressure?

The authors of Booklover’s Bench are sharing their thoughts  resolutions. We hope YOU resolve to read our resolutions.

Debra H Goldstein: I would love the joy of becoming a grandmother twice over in 2022 – to a baby from each of my twins. The baby pictured with this post was born to my daughter in 2019 and a sibling is due in April, so my son, who married in September 2021, has some catching up to do to fulfill my resolution.

Lois Winston: My resolution for 2022 is more a goal than a resolution. I’m hoping to make it back to New York to spend a few days visiting friends and taking in as many Broadway and off-Broadway shows and trips to my favorite museums as possible. Those are my happy places, and I really miss them since moving to the Nashville area this past summer. Tennessee is beautiful and has much to offer, including having two of my grandkids nearby, but unless you’re into country music, entertainment options are limited. 

Maggie Toussaint: I resolve to fly to Oregon to visit my family. It’s been a very long time since I’ve flown, so this will be a big step for me. Thank you, pandemic, for embedding new fears in my operating manual.

Nancy J Cohen: Next year, I hope to get back to cruising. I really miss our Caribbean cruises, although now that we’ve moved away from Port Everglades, it won’t be as easy to hop on a ship. We have a cruise booked to the Southern Caribbean in March but nothing beyond that one. It still seems a hassle to go anywhere with Covid requirements, but our lives have been put on hold long enough. It’s time to set sail and enjoy the high seas once again. 

Terry Ambrose: Now that we’re the owners of an electric vehicle, I find myself actually enjoying driving again. The car is so comfortable to drive that it makes me want to get out and explore some back roads. We’re even talking about a road trip up Highway 1 along the California coast. Highway 1 is an incredible drive, full of twists, turns, and awesome views. Who knows? This could be our next grand adventure, so my resolution is to get out there and explore those backroads more in 2022.

Diane A.S Stuckart: I quit making New Year’s resolutions long ago, given that I never managed to shed the usual twenty pounds or learned to speak another language. But I do try to set a couple of goals for each new year—one a fun one, and the other a practical one. And so, for 2022, I want to finally learn to play my ukuleles (yes, I have more than one). And for practical, my goal is to clear out my home office so that I have room to move around, maybe enough to do a bit of yoga (and so I don’t always have to put up a picture background on my Zoom meetings!). 

Cheryl Hollon: I resolve to make more time for exercise. I’ve been walking more than two miles most days, but I need to add strength training this year.

So, friends and readers, what’s your take on resolutions? Do you have one for 2022?

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