I’ve always loved touching things with my fingers. There’s an interesting grainy feel to sand, a wispy velvety texture to flower petals, an innocent silkiness to kitten fur. As a child I was drawn to an artesian well at our “Riverbank” swimming hole. A muddy clay rimmed the area where the fresh water flowed out of the creekbank. I loved to sink my fingers into that cold clay, to warm it with my hands, and shape it into something.

Silly Putty and Play-Doh held similar appeal (both of which are still on the market). There’s something so satisfying about shaping and rolling those squishy items into treasures. For Silly Putty, I loved pressing it onto the Sunday newspaper funnies. A reverse image in color of the comic would appear on the putty. It seemed magical.

I felt the same way about drawing as a kid. I loved using crayons, colored pencils, and pastels. I had a secret wish to draw something on the sidewalk like in the movie “Mary Poppins” and then jump into a fanciful world of dancing penguins and endless ice cream… Is it any wonder I took up glittery gel pens to do adult coloring when the craze hit a few years ago? There’s something about color that stimulates creativity and feeds my soul.

Words have the same immersive, restorative effect on me. Whether writing or reading, I dwell in the story world. A good storyteller makes a book impossible for me to put down. I have to know what comes next. Only fire or an emergency can pry me away, and I will likely be running to safety with the book, Kindle, and computer in my hands.

To foster creativity in my office, I surround myself with art and books. There are wooden birds, painted dragons, framed embroidery, and a hanging mini-quilt. I have oil paintings and watercolors, and over by window, acrylic paintings of bright yellow flowers I inherited from my sister. The walls themselves are a milky turquoise, a soft and yet smiley color for me. Part of my angel collection is in here, along with family pictures. It’s my happy place, the adult hideout where creativity reigns.

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