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Twins and Other Duos

October 6, 2022

In my upcoming A Magic Candle Shop Mystery book one, SNUFFED OUT, writing as Valona Jones, My main character Tabby Winslow has a twin sister named Sage. They are fraternal twins, and, in case you aren’t familiar with that term, it means that they aren’t identical and are in fact from different eggs.

My thoughts in going that route was that it would add more conflict, and boy has it! Tabby’s easy going, creative, and a blonde. Sage walks around with a chip on her shoulder, is a math whiz, and has black hair, to name a few of their differences.

They are both energetics, that is, they can both give and take energy, also they can both read auras. Tabby has two other paranormal talents. One is that she can use bright light or shadow energy to go invisible. The other is that she can completely recharge while she’s sleeping at home. Sage can do neither of those things, but she’s a whiz at plants.

Duos are everywhere. There’s peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, bacon and eggs, Batman and Robin, well, you get the picture. To enter a drawing to win a hardcover copy of DOGGONE IT, my haunted house mystery, chime in with a comment naming a famous duo. Winner announced Monday, Oct. 10.

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49 thoughts on “Twins and Other Duos

  1. I loved Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap when I grew up. For our daughter, it was Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Twins are a fun trope in fiction and can be deployed so many ways!

  2. My favorite duo is Ben & Jerry, as in Chunky Monkey ice cream. I love the interaction and tension caused by twins in a mystery. Can’t wait to get my hands on the first book in this series.

    1. First belly laugh of the day! Who doesn’t love Ben & Jerry? I enjoy all of their fun flavors. Good one!

    1. One of my husband’s fav pairs. Comedy has really changed over the years, hasn’t it? Very nice duo!

    1. What fun! Nick and Nora Charles sure brought in a lot of people to sample the mystery genre. Excellent choice.

    1. Oh yes. For so many years I admired Sherlock’s brilliance and how, although it seemed he pulled the solution out of thin air, he based his findings on evidence that others overlooked. I have often wondered if Watson felt overshadowed by his friend or if he truly enjoyed being along for the ride. Anybody every wonder what it would be like to wake up (or have a dream!) with all your fav fictional characters in it?

    1. I love this pairing! I still laugh when I hear their super famous “Who’s on First?” routine about a baseball team. I tried to post a YouTube link to their performance of this but we have the site set to reject links. In any event, this is a fun pair, and they lasted 22 years in the comedy business. Not shabby at all!

    1. I love these musical duos. How sad to think that their unique sounds endure while their pairing did not. I heard Simon and Garfunkel music first and it revolutionized my world. I’d never heard harmonies like that. Then along came Sonny and Cher. They just sounded fun, but because they split not too many years later, I realize there must’ve have been behind the scenes issues that even Gorilla glue couldn’t fix.

    1. Oh yes! I wanted to have their grace, tempo, footwork, and more for most of my life. I love watching clips of them. Some folks now are somehow subbing more modern music (with the same timing) and its a pleasure to see them dancing to the newer songs too. Style never goes out of fashion.

    1. Very nice choice, Nancy. Nothing like a detecting duo to keep us all on the edges of our seats.

  3. My favorite twins are my cousins, Rebecca and Jacob. Also Shaggy and Scooby Doo. And M&Ms (I know they’re not a duo but it’s M and M. Bwahahaha!).

  4. This is a challenge for me because I have triplets, and all their lives we have thought of trios (like: lions, tigers, and bears; Winken, Blinken and Nod; Houie, Dewie, and Louie, etc.) So paring it down to 2 (pardon my pun) is harder, but…. Bob and Ray of radio fame; the Bobsey Twins; or Morty and Ferdie.
    So much fun! Thanks Maggie for a pleasant break in a long day/evening!

  5. Sears and Roebuck? Flotsam and Jetsam? Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee? Hell and High Water? Wreck and Ruin? And my favorite duo, Macaroni and Cheese! I’ll stop now… LOL

    1. You’re a twin! How exciting. I always wanted a twin sister to pal around with and an older brother to protect us. Instead I got older sisters and a younger brother!

  6. Well, of course, Butch and Sundance. In addition to being great movie characters (yes, I know the real-life guys were baddies) those were the names of our dearly departed orange tabby boys, twin brothers that my hubby and I raised from early kittenhood. 🙂

  7. My favorite duo are Angie and Margie Diliberto, the Doublemint advert twins, probably because I know them and their families.

    1. Wow! Those Doublemint twins had such a lot of exposure. You must’ve felt like you knew movie stars.

  8. THE WINNER OF THE HARDCOVER COPY OF DOGGONE IT IS…ANN I. Congratulations, Ann. I will email you right away. You have a week to claim the prize. Also, as a reminder, all print books from this site will only go to those with US mailing addresses. Thanks to all for entering the names of their favorite twins!

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