Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with each of our authors on these pages. Find out how they like to work and more! Here’s a quick intro for each of us. We hope you’ll check out our individual pages.

Karla Brandenburg was raised on the gothic romances of Victoria Holt, but her love of Stephen King and Rod Serling bring supernatural elements into the contemporary romances she writes. Assisted by an orange tabby, lovingly referred to as “the blonde cat,” she is a card-carrying cookie-holic. A life-long resident of Illinois, her love of travel is often the inspiration for her stories.

Nancy J. Cohen likes happy endings, so whether she’s writing action-packed paranormal romance with a scifi/fantasy twist or humorous cozy mysteries, she believes readers should finish the book with a smile. In her view, writing stories and letting her imagination run free is a lot more fun than her former career as a registered nurse.

When Terry Odell started her first book, she thought she was writing a mystery. Her daughters told her it was a romance, which surprised her, because she’d never read a romance. However, she discovered the genre of romantic suspense and took it from there (although she’d still rather call her books “Mysteries With Relationships.”) After writing eight romantic suspense books, she finally wrote her first “real” mystery, although there are still hints of relationships. Her characters insist on them.

Former scientific researcher Maggie Toussaint turned to writing fiction when she hung up her lab coat. Her scientific method approach to solving drinking water, toxicology, and geological issues translate well into the worlds of mystery and suspense.

Tina Whittle likes eating sushi, playing golf, watching Columbo reruns on Netflix, drinking wine, and reading tarot cards. None of these help her write about a gun shop owner who specializes in Confederate replicas and an ex-SWAT corporate security professional who drives a Ferrari. This is why she spends a lot of time trekking around Civil War battlefields, asking cops suspicious questions, and pestering the manager of the local exotic car dealership.