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It’s back to school time

It’s September, the traditional beginning of a new school year. Do you have a grade school memory that still lingers with you after all this time?
  • Terry Ambrose:

    The short answer is: nope. The longer answer is that I’m one of those people who doesn’t remember much from their childhood. I can recall doing some things, but as far as details go…I got zip. Nada. Unless you want to count the time I kissed Patsy Ann McClenny in fourth grade. You probably know her as Morgan Fairchild. Oh, wait. She grew up in Dallas. I was in California. Maybe that didn’t happen.

  • Nancy J. Cohen:

    I used to like doing homework. It was fun to come home and work on assignments. My young mind was hungry for a challenge. However, by the time I reached middle school, homework was more of a drag.

  • Debra H. Goldstein:

    I attended an elementary school that went from kindergarten to eighth grade. In front, but to the side of the school was an open cemented area which featured a giant boulder that had been excavated at the site. Rather than move it, the powers-that-be stood it upright and built a one-step cement frame around its bottom. Until we were deemed old enough to walk one block, cross the street, and walk down a block without supervision, that’s where we met our parents or whomever was picking us up. On one rainy day when I was in kindergarten, there was a snafu and the person picking me up was ten to fifteen minutes late. I remember standing on the rock’s step, with my kindergarten boyfriend keeping me company, as I wiped the rain from his glasses. 

  • Cheryl Hollon:

    I remember quite clearly my first day of sixth grade. It was the first time we changed classes for English, Math, and Science. I didn’t sleep at all the night before and had nightmares about getting lost on my way to my first class. I didn’t know that the whole class switched as a group. Talk about relief!

  • Diane A.S. Stuckart:

    The good memories – Catholic school grades one through three with lots of friends and some pretty cool nuns (one of whom sold candy at recess!). The bad memories – moving right before fourth grade to a rich school district and being one of the few “poor” people there. Apparently, no one taught those little society girls that it wasn’t polite to laugh at people’s clothes or discuss parties in front of people who weren’t invited to them

  • Maggie Toussaint:

    Recess! It was my favorite subject, made even more fascinating by all the apparatus on the playground, plus the teacher-driven games. We didn’t have jungle gyms or merry-go-rounds in my neighborhood and they were so much fun. I also loved Double Dutch jump rope. I could’ve spent all day in recess!

  • Lois Winston

    Yes, but it’s too disturbing to tell.

As you can see, we're all over the map with some good, some not, and some simply forgotten. Do you have school memories? C'mon, we're sure you do!


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