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It’s crunch time!

It’s deadline time, it’s midnight, and your stomach is growling. What snack do you eat when you need a bit of energy to power on through, especially when you know no one is watching?
  • Terry Ambrose:

    Midnight? Seriously? I gave up those hours for my…uh…let’s just call it a birthday in the past. But if you must know, when I need a little pick-me-up, I’m good with something healthy. Yeah. Like yogurt. Okay, so it’s vanilla yogurt. And…yes, it’s got to have a few chocolate chips thrown in. Maybe more than a few. But it’s the basic food groups. Right? Dairy, vanilla, chocolate…

  • Nancy J. Cohen:

    Doritos or Fritos. I like salty better than sweet for snacks. 

  • Debra H. Goldstein:

    When no one is watching, and sometimes when they are, my go-to snack is two strips of a Mint Kit Kat bar and a mini-can of Coca-Cola.

  • Cheryl Hollon:

    I need some cheese and a few crackers to satisfy those hunger pangs late at night. I keep my carb count low during the day to make this work. My favorite is a slice of mild cheddar and a wedge of brie. I usually use the original flavor of Triscuits. It just works.

  • Diane A.S. Stuckart:

    Ice cream is my nighttime (and sometimes afternoon!) guilty pleasure. After almost a lifetime of being a “chocolate only” fan when it came to ice cream, I have switched to anything with a vanilla base that has lots of “stuff” in it – nuts, chocolate bits, caramel swirls, etc. But I eat it out of a coffee cup to ensure I don’t spoon up too big a serving. 

  • Maggie Toussaint:

    My go-to energy boost snack is mixed nuts. I love the crunch and the weight of them in my stomach. In addition to being very satisfying, I skip a sugar high and crash by going with this tried and true Maggie-snack.

  • Lois Winston

     Probably coffee and chocolate to keep me awake and maybe a banana for some potassium. Better yet, make that a chocolate-covered frozen banana!

As you can tell, everybody's got their own thing. What's yours? C'mon, fess up and tell us your guilty pleasure at midnight!


17 thoughts on “It’s crunch time!

  1. I’m terrible at night with snacking. Usually Little Debbie’s Pecan Spinwheels with Peanut Butter & a Creamsicle & maybe cookies too
    I overeat at night with Little Debbie’s Pecan Spinwheels with Peanut Butter & a Creamsicle etc.

  2. I like to have a cinnamon frosted pop tart before I go to bed. After the few I have left are gone I will be switching to either sherbet or pudding made with skim milk. For health reasons I have to change my diet drastically at least for me. The no real coffee is killing me. I think decaf tastes like watered down coffee and I can’t have cream either except for the powdered stuff.

    1. Cinnamon Pop Tarts are the only ones I like, but they are sweet enough that I only buy them maybe once a year. Sorry about the coffee. I’m trying to go Atkins/Keto but the one thing I won’t give up is coffee with foamed half and half. 🙂

  3. I go to snacks Pretzels filled with peanut butter, Mixed Nuts, Pecans, Macadamia nuts, cheese crackers with peanut butter, spicy hot peanuts with chili and lime, Chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered blueberries and chocolate covered pomegranate

  4. I’m terrible at snacking. If I like it and it’s available I’m probably eating it. Examples: chocolate with nuts, peanuts, ice cream, Floats, etc….

  5. I go for something chewy – caramel or licorice, for example. If I have to work for the snack, it seems to help me work better. Since I’m allergic to chocolate (you may all groan in sympathy now) and recently diagnosed as diabetic, I have to be careful of quantity. Chewiness helps me make those little treats I’m allowed stretch.

  6. Having to stay on a low-carb diet, I generally reach for some salted almonds or pork rinds (which we get as chicharrones). But when I’m at the end of my rope, it’s a line of milk chocolate with almonds off of a Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bar.

  7. I generally don’t eat after dinner, but if I must stay up it’s usually popcorn and dark chocolate. Together.

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