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Keep your nose out of my investigation!

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Who is your closest ally in your sleuthing adventures…and who do you wish would keep their nose out of the investigation?
  • Terry Ambrose:

    My trusty sidekick, according to Rick Atwood from the Seaside Cove Bed & Breakfast Mystery series, is as easy as pie. That’s the town’s top dog, my best friend the town’s police chief, Adam Cunningham. When someone dares to lie to us, Adam gets perturbed and gets kind of hard-nosed. And speaking of noses, I wish my daughter Alex would keep hers out of our investigations. But now that she’s actually helped crack a few cases, Adam sees her as the ultimate investigative asset. Just what I need, my little detective getting a big head!

  • Nancy J. Cohen:

    Marla Vail says, my husband Dalton is my closest ally. Otherwise, my friends Tally, Robyn and Susan may play a part. I can usually ask one of them to accompany me on an adventure when I’m on a case. As for not interfering, I don’t need my mother to tell me what to do.

  • Debra H. Goldstein:

    Sarah Blair says, my closest ally is my boss, Harlan Endicott. He gave me a chance to work in his law firm when no one else would give me a job. Harlan knows the law and he’s a well-grounded person. Although I love her dearly, I do wish my mother, Maybelle, would keep her nose out of my investigations. It always seems that if she is involved, things become far more complex than they need to be.

  • Cheryl Hollon:

    Miranda Trent here, owner of Paint & Shine located in eastern Kentucky. My investigation adventures are shared by my neighbor, Austin Morgan, who is the local Forest Ranger. We end up following the trail of murder and mayhem together. I’m certain our investigations would resolve much quicker if my dear mother would keep herself to herself.

  • Diane A.S. Stuckart:

    Nina Fleet says, Harry Westcott, the out-of-work actor and grandnephew of the late owner of Fleet House (and the same guy who has been the bane of my existence ever since I moved to Cymbeline) is oddly enough the one who also has my back when it comes to investigating murders. I’m not sure if we’re friends, enemies…or maybe something else. Which is why sometimes I also wish he’d stay away from the investigations as his presence tends to complicate matters.

  • Maggie Toussaint:

    Tabby Winslow here, amateur sleuth of the A Magic Candle Shop Series. My best sleuthing sidekick is my twin sister, Sage. She has a handy skill I don’t have, thanks to her current boyfriend, though I don’t know why a lawyer knows how to pick locks. My sister is excellent at reading a room. Or if neither one of us can find what’s wrong with the room’s energy, we can brainstorm and figure it out. Lastly, my twin and I speak to each other through telepathy. That’s quite handy to have a silent means of communicating to help avoid detection. I would love for Detectives Nowry and Belfor to stay out of my sleuthing. I’m not doing any harm by looking in my own way.

  • Lois Winston

    Anastasia Pollack (from the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries) says, my bestie, food editor Cloris McWerther, has played Watson to my Sherlocking on multiple occasions. However, I hate to think where I’d be if it weren’t for the various skills of photojournalist, possible spy, and now husband, Zack Barnes.

We love to know what you think, so tell us, do you have a favorite sidekick? Or maybe there's someone you dread seeing get involved in one of our sleuth's investigations. Let us know!


6 thoughts on “Keep your nose out of my investigation!

  1. Sidekicks in books usually add some humor to the story. Every sleuth needs a sidekick! Happy 11th anniversary!

  2. Got to have someone to bounce ideas off of, keep the sleuth out of trouble and help with their own special skills.

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