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Secondary characters need some love, too!

Secondary characters on the bench

Secondary characters can sometimes steal the show. Which character from any of your books do you think deserves their own novel or series…and why?
  • Terry Ambrose:

    Chance Logan, McKenna’s PI-wannabe sidekick from the Trouble in Paradise Mystery series, definitely could handle his own series. Chance started out as a very naive guy who wanted nothing more than to be a private detective in paradise. But Chance has been growing up since he joined the series and, since he just got hired as a PI in training, probably feels he’s ready to strike out on his own.

  • Nancy J. Cohen:

    Tally is hairstylist/sleuth Marla Vail’s best friend in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries. After she lost her husband, Tally reestablished her dress shop as a social-occasion-wear boutique and bistro. She loved to snoop out cases with Marla before having a child. Now she’s a single working mother, but she would make an interesting lead character who hears gossip in her shop that could lead to mischief and mayhem.

  • Debra H. Goldstein:

    Mother Maybelle or properly referred to as Mrs. Maybelle Johnson, the mother of Sarah Blair and her twin, Emily Johnson, is so outrageous that she easily deserves her own novel or series. As readers discovered in Two Bites Too Many and will roar when she becomes a contestant for the perfect southern wedding in Five Belles Too Many (which is available for pre-order), Maybelle takes no prisoners, doesn’t suffer fools lightly, has no filters, and can say “Bless Your Heart” with the best of them. 

  • Cheryl Hollon:

    There’s a young man in my Webb’s Glass Shop Mysteries who is a perfect candidate for a spin-off series. His name is Jacob and he’s a high-functioning autistic glass artist. He is frequently mentioned by readers as their favorite character.

  • Diane A.S. Stuckart:

    In Peach Clobbered, my launch book for the Georgia B&B mystery series, my new B&B owner’s first guests are a group of nuns. The elderly Sisters of Perpetual Poverty have been kicked out of their convent by a shady real estate developer and Nina’s inn is the perfect spot for them to land. I had great fun writing them, and more than a few readers commented when they read the next book that they really missed the nuns. Maybe the sisters should star in their own mystery series! 

  • Maggie Toussaint:

    Rose from the Dreamwalker Mystery Series always has a hidden agenda. When she first met my sleuth, Baxley, Rose confides that she is an angel working undercover in the afterlife. But in her biker leathers and tattoos, she is unlike any angel Baxley ever colored in Sunday school. Plus, Rose charges Baxley an hour of her life for every favor Baxley asks of her. Because those favors were life or death situations for her father and a beloved family friend, Baxley accepted the cost, but she dreaded paying that bill. Rose goes on her merry way through the series, making her own rules, inflicting other cruelties on Baxley until Rose herself gets in Trouble with the Big Guy upstairs. Then there is hell to pay, indeed. The series ends with Rose’s undercover work done and a world-ending threat in the afterlife neutralized. I’m now dreaming of what Rose’s next assignment would be.

  • Lois Winston

    When you have a Shakespeare-quoting parrot as a character, there’s no way he doesn’t steal the show at times. I’m sure Ralph would love to be cast as the protagonist in his own series, but the chances of me writing that series? Slim to none. Don’t tell him, though.



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