Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

Bargain Books
By Nancy J Cohen

I’m a sucker for bargain books. I get daily newsletters from The Fussy Librarian  and BookBub with free and sale books. If I see one that intrigues me, I’ll peruse the reviews on Amazon to see what other readers say. This may prompt me to buy/download the book or pass it by. I’ve discovered many new authors this way. I’ll go on to devour entire series when I find a book I really like. It’s great for discovery because readers don’t have to invest much money in an author they haven’t read yet. Currently, this is my main way of discovering new favorites.

Because I like deals, I couldn’t resist when Amazon recently offered a $5 ebook credit if you bought $20 worth of ebooks. My Wish List had been growing, and this seemed like a good time to purchase these books while gaining credit to get even more. Never mind that I already have hundreds of books on my Kindle. These are stories I can’t wait to read because I already know I’ll enjoy them.

Add this digital pile to the mound of print books all over our house, and you might think I am addicted to books. You would be right. I still buy print books, especially because I can pay for them with credit card rewards points linked to Amazon. It’s a sale for the author and a good deal for me. The only problem is finding time to read all these wonderful books.

Can you resist a book bargain when you see one? What’s your favorite way of discovering new authors or series to read?

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