Let’s Talk with James M Jackson

by James M Jackson

Technically, everything that occurs before a novel is published could be included in the broad definition of pre-launch. The demarcation line for me is the point my efforts switch from making the manuscript the best book possible to letting people know the book exists. I take off the writer hat and put on the promoter hat. Ugh.

But one aspect of promotion I do enjoy is showing off the book’s cover. And here is the big reveal for Booklover’s Bench readers of the Doubtful Relations cover.

Doubtful_Relations_480x300In this fourth book in the series, Seamus McCree’s ex-wife’s husband goes missing, and she convinces Seamus to help find him. Soon the whole extended family is involved. We all have stories about family relations, don’t we? I chose a sepia chromatic approach to hint that the McCree family fractures go back a long time.

But I’m curious. How do you decide which of the gazillion offered books you want to read?