Let’s Talk with James M Jackson

June 16, 2016

by James M Jackson

Technically, everything that occurs before a novel is published could be included in the broad definition of pre-launch. The demarcation line for me is the point my efforts switch from making the manuscript the best book possible to letting people know the book exists. I take off the writer hat and put on the promoter hat. Ugh.

But one aspect of promotion I do enjoy is showing off the book’s cover. And here is the big reveal for Booklover’s Bench readers of the Doubtful Relations cover.

Doubtful_Relations_480x300In this fourth book in the series, Seamus McCree’s ex-wife’s husband goes missing, and she convinces Seamus to help find him. Soon the whole extended family is involved. We all have stories about family relations, don’t we? I chose a sepia chromatic approach to hint that the McCree family fractures go back a long time.

But I’m curious. How do you decide which of the gazillion offered books you want to read?

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with James M Jackson

  1. Yes, a good cover helps because its my first clue that this is a professional operation I’m signing up for. But what gets me to the “assessing the cover” stage is usually recommendations from a reader a trust, whether a book blogger or reviewer or librarian or trusted friend.

  2. I’m influenced by cover art in regards to genre. If it looks like the type of read I might enjoy, I’ll take a closer look at the blurb, reviews, and writing sample.

  3. It’s SO hard to see covers when all you have in front of you is a thumbnail. I’m more likely to eliminate those that look unprofessional or are too hard to read, rather than looking for “good” ones. My eye gravitates to the author’s name first, or as Tina said, a recommendation from a friend or other trusted source. Then I’ll read the blurb.
    Good cover, by the way!

  4. I like old photos on book covers. It makes them seem more real and I get a better idea of what’s going to happen in the story and who is who as the story unfolds.

  5. I like a cover that makes my eye stop. Sometimes the title catches my attention, sometimes its a minute detail on the cover, other times it’s the overall cover. I think a good cover adds to a book’s appeal. Conversely, an unprofessional cover warns me that a writer doesn’t take his craft seriously. The book is only part of the package. For ladies, it’s like getting your hair done. You can be all dressed up to the nines, but the presentation isn’t finished if the hair doesn’t rise to the level of the outfit. Good hair matters, same as a good cover matters. And I like your Doubtful Relations cover, Jim. Nicely done!

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