Let’s Talk with Tina Whittle

Hitting the Road

by Tina Whittle

In a few weeks, I’ll be offering a new novella featuring my series protagonists Tai and Trey. “Creature Comforts” is technically an epilogue, continuing a minor story line from the sixth novel, Necessary Ends, to its…well, necessary end. In that book, Trey lost a bet, and as forfeit he has to spend one night camping. On the ground. In a tent. And Tai is not letting him off the hook.

I feel for him, I really do. I am not a camping person either. I do love the great outdoors, but I prefer to interact with it from the comfort of a well-appointed cabin, where room service is only a phone call away.

My friends know this about me. Which is why they were all stunned when they saw my Facebook post about the new addition sitting in our driveway—a pop-up camper. “Have you become a camping person?” they mused.

Well…maybe. It’s not the Ritz, but this little tow-behind has two fold-out queen-bed-sized sleeping areas, a kitchenette (with refrigerator), a dining table, and—most importantly—a bathroom with toilet and sink and hot-water shower. This is enough comfort for me for a long weekend (I hope).

Soon my husband and I will take our pint-sized tent on wheels on an adventure, probably to one of our many state parks here in South Georgia or North Florida. I’m hoping that I can talk him into putting a mint on my pillow so that I can pretend we have room service.

How about you? Do you have something adventurous on your horizon?

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