Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

I Heart October
By Maggie Toussaint

I’ve always liked October, even when summer was my favorite season. The tenth month of the year comes with its own special scents and a vibrant color palette that is stunning. Others must agree with me because many schedule trips to watch the leaves turn.

Though I grew up on the coast and returned to the coast much later, I lived in northern climes for 27 years, in a state where there were more than two seasons (summer and almost summer). While there I had my first ever experience of jumping in piles of fragrant, vibrant leaves. I love the crunch of the freshly fallen leaves, the distinct shapes, and the warmth of the pile.
Immersion in fallen leaves reminds me of the thrill of a little kid hideout, a place where grownups aren’t allowed. In leaf-mode, I can indulge myself in the sensory experience of leaves and not worry about schedules or appointments or other concerns.

October is often the month I have my first hot apple cider of the season, my first hot chocolate. It’s the only month of the year where eating candy is guilt-free.

I also love the clothing choices for October. It’s finally cool enough to pull out turtlenecks, flannel shirts, and fleeces. My family teases me that if clothing only came in fleece I’d be happy as a clam. They’re right!
Now that I’m back in the deep South, October is when the sultry heat of summer fades to milder temps that dial back the biting insects to a manageable level. I enjoy neighborhood walks again, and there’s homemade soup—yum!
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