Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Fall into Everything
By Maggie Toussaint

leaves of fall graphicWe’re in the season of Fall, but did you know that “season” is not one of the definitions most dictionaries list for the word fall?

As a verb, fall has 4 definitions listed in the Oxford Dictionary: 1) to move downward at a rapid rate, often uncontrolled. 2) lose one’s balance and collapse. 3) decrease in number, amount, intensity, etc. 4) move into a state of disrepair. As a noun: 1) the act of falling or a sudden uncontrolled descent. 2) a thing that falls or has fallen. 3) decrease in size, number, rate or level. 4) a loss of office.

Whatever the usage, the word fall, in any context indicates a change.

One of the changes that happens to me with the shorter days and cooler climes of fall is an instinctual (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) urge to eat more to better survive the hardships of winter. But that is at variance with reality. Knock on wood, in today’s world, Americans have no food shortage in the winter. We have heat in our homes to keep from freezing and the world may or may not be warming up.

Doggone It Cover - webBottom line: fall is when my innate urge to eat and my common sense do battle. It doesn’t help that Halloween’s candy and Thanksgiving’s desserts are so tempting.

My upcoming release, DOGGONE IT, book 3 in my Dreamwalker mystery series, releases Oct. 19. This full length book is set in fall and comes fully loaded with a haunted house and a ghost dog.

While we’re on the subject of fall, leave a comment with a phrase with the word “fall” in it. Here are a few examples to get you started: What a pretty waterfall! Careful, don’t fall! One commenter (US only) will win an Advance Reading Copy of DOGGONE IT.