Let’s Talk with James M Jackson

Family Secrets
By James M Jackson

As very young children, we are impressionable and believe whatever we are told: The stork brings babies to the hospital. The Easter Bunny hides our colored eggs and brings baskets with jellybeans and chocolate. Santa and his reindeer deliver presents all over the world in one night.

An older sibling or some precocious kid at the playground bursts our bubble about these white lies, although we may choose to say we still believe because they are self-serving. I’m pretty sure I didn’t declare my final disbelief in Santa until after I’d secured my Christmas booty.

Gradually, we learn people lie. If we have older siblings, we learn from them when they blame us for some act they have perpetrated or don’t tell the whole story. And then comes the day when we tell Aunt Tilly her breath stinks, and our mother informs us we aren’t to tell such truths in public. Now we know everyone lies. You can’t even trust your family to tell the whole truth.

Doubtful_Relations_480x300And really, what do we know of our family’s secrets? Probably not as much as we think. I remember looking at an old picture album of my parents and discovering they went to stock car races before I was born. Who knew? We had never talked about car racing in our family. Do we really know what secrets each member of our family carries?
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