Let’s Talk with Diane A.S Stuckart

A Very Happy Un-Thanksgiving
By Diane A.S Stuckart

If you think about it, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday. It’s non-denominational, family-oriented, not limited to a particular social/economic/ethnic group, requires no presents be exchanged, and traditionally encompasses a full four days of celebration (read, time off from the day job). Of course, the whole meal-turned-major banquet thing goes without saying, and few people can argue with the holiday’s gratitude theme. So who would dream of saying the Turkey Day version of bah, humbug when that 4th Thursday in November rolls around each year.

Uh, me?

No, don’t worry, I don’t hate Thanksgiving. It’s just never been that big of a holiday for me. Growing up, I looked forward to those yummy foods you only get on that day. But we lived a good six hours from the closest grandparents, so it was only occasionally that we celebrated with relatives. And when I grew up and got married, it was rare that I had family near enough to warrant making the drive back home in winter weather. Plus we don’t have kids, so there never was a pressing excuse for an annual visit home or for hosting a big feast on behalf of offspring.

Now that I live in Florida, it’s only me and the hubster in this part of the world, with a good two-days’ drive to either his relatives or mine. And for a few years recently I also had a book deadline looming right around that same time. With a book on the line, putting together a groaning table of food wasn’t a priority.

Frankly, come Thanksgiving Day I’d just as soon skip the whole shebang and go to a restaurant. But the husband has a thing about cooking a turkey, and as he does all the work he usually wins that battle. One year, though, I did convince him to take an evening cruise tour from West Palm Beach to gamble in international waters and eat Thanksgiving dinner out in the Atlantic. Unfortunately, the ship’s chefs weren’t quite up to the task of handling the crowd, meaning that the turkey we were served was on the raw side. And meaning I got a big “told you so” from the spousal unit for deviating from the usual plan.

Sooo…this year we’ll go the usual cook it a home route again. I hear there is supposed to be a deliberate COVID-generated shortage of oversized frozen turkeys for sale this year (small gatherings, you know), which at least will prevent the husband from hauling home a 20-pounder for the two of us. And I will do my best to be thankful for all the good things in my life despite the debacle that was 2020.

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year…with family and friends, and safely traveling and distancing? Or are you something of a “bah, hum-turkey” person like me?