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By Maggie Toussaint

G-1 by Rigel CarsonThe movie Galaxy Quest starring Tim Allen made me laugh, but it also reminded me of how much I enjoy science fiction. I grew up with Star Trek and Star Wars being household names, and their galactic exploits lighting a creative fire in my imagination. I was absolutely transfixed with the creativity in Josh Whedon’s Serenity/Firefly movie/TV series. How can you go wrong with an American space western science fiction drama and with Nathan Fillion?

Fast forward a bit, and I’m a science fiction author, writing as Rigel Carson. Now, I seriously doubt Josh Whedon has heard of me, but my series idea was to create a scientist who was more than he knew and set him up for catastrophic failure and give him a hard mystery to solve. His parents – gone. His uncle – vanished. His island home and lab – torched. His new android sidekick – disloyal. His research and integrity – under attack. In short, Dr. Zechariah Landry hits bottom.

On the surface, Zeke’s android seems to be a total mismatch. Zeke’s all flip flops and ratty shorts while Forman has an extensive wardrobe of aloha shirts and nice, pressed shorts. Worse, Forman has the gigolo exterior of the popular sex toy robots, and he flirts with everything that walks by. So there you have it, an extroverted android with feelings on his sleeve, and an introverted brilliant thinker who is fated to save Earth in every book of the series.

When Zeke is threatened with physical harm, Forman reveals his bodyguard talents. The more time they spend together, the more Zeke appreciates Forman’s depth of programming.

Forman helps out in the lab, he escorts Zeke to keep him safe, he sets up complex statistical analyses, and more.

Here’s my question for you. If you were gifted with a multi-talented robot, and he/she may have Forman’s skills or any of your choosing, what would you have him do for you? Would you have him do chores you don’t like? Would it cook for you? Or better yet, grocery shop for you? The possibilities are endless! Be sure and leave a comment to be entered in my contest.

G-1 by Rigel Carson, pen name of Maggie Toussaint, is available in digital format exclusively on Kindle. It was one of the first ten books published in the new Kindle Scout program.

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