Let’s Talk with Nancy J Cohen

Ghosts and Ghouls
by Nancy J. Cohen

As Halloween approaches, we look for scary stories reminiscent of the holiday. Do you like tales with a supernatural touch? Which elements appeal to you—ghosts, demons, vampires, shape shifters, zombies, witches or ghouls?

Ghosts, psychics, and paranormal investigators pepper my Bad Hair Day mysteries featuring hairstylist sleuth Marla Vail. I made up my own ghost stories for Dead Roots, where Marla attends a Thanksgiving family reunion at a haunted Florida resort. I had lots of fun researching haunted sites throughout the state and then making up my own ghostly tales. Paranormal investigators, hired to debunk stories of spooks, populate the hotel during this holiday weekend. But when Marla is alone on the rickety elevator and feels a tap on her shoulder, she starts to believe the legends are true.

In Died Blonde, Marla discovers the body of her rival hairdresser behind their competing salons. The person who inherits the woman’s establishment is a psychic. She blackmails Marla into helping her manage the place by warning Marla that a close relative is ill. Marla travels to Cassadaga, a spiritualist center north of Orlando, to consult with a certified medium. I stayed overnight at the creepy hotel there while doing research. Did the radio in our room come on by itself in the early morning hours, or did a ghostly finger turn it on?

In Peril by Ponytail, Marla encounters a ghost at a dude ranch where she and her husband are staying for their honeymoon. She visits Sedona, known for its mysterious vortexes. Here Marla gets a warning from a spirit who tells her the killer is someone close. In Jerome, I stayed at a haunted hotel that was formerly a hospital for copper miners. We went ghost hunting at night, which was an awesome experience. Lots of orbs turned up in my digital photos afterward. Were these dust molecules or spiritual entities making their presence known?

And then of course there’s Haunted Hair Nights, my novella that features a school haunted house project during Halloween. There’s an all-too-real murderer lurking among the props and scary scenery.

Which of these elements do you like in the books you read, or do you prefer to stay rooted in reality? LEAVE A COMMENT below and you will be entered to win an ebook copy of Dead Roots.