Let’s Talk with Terry Odell

Make Things Happen

By Terry Odell

Congratulations to karaleigh2, the winner of a copy of Seeing Red.

At our last yoga practice before the holiday hiatus, our instructor said she’d see us in the new year. She also said to be prepared for crowded classes for the first few weeks, as people resolved to get more exercise, etc. But she added that it wouldn’t be long before most of them disappeared, and we’d be back to our core group. Resolutions are short-lived.

We’re now into the second week of January. How many of your “resolutions” have you already broken? (I never make them, except occasionally for my husband. I set goals instead, because they’re measurable. Resolutions tend to be vague, lofty dreams.)

We have so many arbitrary markers in our lives. They can be good, as they give us incentives for fresh starts. But why should January 1st be the definitive line? Shouldn’t we be striving to make things better on a daily basis? It’s easy to say, “I will start my diet after the holidays” which seems to give us an excuse to indulge without guilt until then. But are we doing our bodies favors? And it’s not just personal health. It can be promises to be more organized, or make more time for a hobby (like reading!?) or spending more time with family. Or not letting the housework get so far behind. Or balancing the checkbook. We all have things we dread doing, and all too often, promises to “do better” seem to fall by the wayside.

I think, instead of these lines in the distance, we should listen to that saying, Today is the first day of the rest of your life and move forward every day. Didn’t get done what you’d planned to do yesterday? There’s today. It’s all about making things happen. Today. Now.

What about you? Do you set “starting points” in the future? Once you get there, what happens? Do you need to keep adjusting those markers? How do you track your success?

Wishing everyone a productive, healthy, and happy 2019. Make Things Happen!

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