Let’s Talk with Karla Brandenburg

Moments of Grace
By Karla Brandenburg

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that completely captivated you? Where you and whatever you were looking at seemed to come to a silent understanding of peace with the universe? It’s a very humbling moment.

I’m currently on deadline at the day job and under extreme stress. These are the times I look for those moments to let go of some of the anxiety that comes with producing a huge quantity of work in a very compressed timeframe. Generally speaking, I find these “perfect moments” in nature, so I get myself out and go for a walk (another form of stress relief). I’ve only read one book that described the feeling—it was one of the Outlander books (but don’t ask me which one).

One of my favorite moments of grace? I was driving to work one morning several years ago, about this time of year. It was cold, there was a light covering of snow on the ground. As I passed a wooded area, a buck stepped out of the woods and stood tall, the steam coming from his muzzle. He looked so majestic! For that brief moment in time, the world stopped and the only thing that existed was me and that buck. I so desperately wanted to translate that experience into a story, and although it took a while, MIST ON THE MEADOW, was born.

Recently, I took a walk through the neighborhood with my husband. The sun was setting and the clouds were refracting the light into brilliant shades of pink and red and orange. I stopped along the way to capture a picture, but once we cleared the houses, the view was stunning. The colors were more subdued by the time we had an unobstructed view, but the still waters in a pond reflected the trees on an island, along with the still-beautiful skyscape. The silhouette of a goose made the picture perfect. Everything came together in one beautiful moment.

Have you experienced a moment of grace? One where the world reminds us how truly amazing it can be?

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