Let’s Talk with Debra Goldstein

National Stay Out of the Sun Day vs. National Bikini Day
by Debra H. Goldstein

When I write conflict into a story or chapter, I must balance different viewpoints, how varied characters react to the same stimulus, and show that the conclusions and behavior of the characters may reflect each one’s personal beliefs. A good comparison of what happens in my writing can be seen in the ying and yang of two July holidays.

You probably think I’m referring to July 4th and the big bang of fireworks representing conflict, but I’m not. I’m talking about the national holidays that are celebrated on July 3rd and July 5th, —National Stay Out of the Sun Day and National Bikini Day. No two holidays could contrast more.

Each holiday is exactly what its name implies. National Stay Out of the Sun Day encourages people to stay indoors. If they are unable to remain indoors, it is recommended that they find a shady spot or go to the gym. The key is to kick back and enjoy. National Bikini Day celebrates the creation of the two-piece bathing suit known as a bikini. When first introduced, the bikini was slow to be embraced because its design was considered risqué. Even today, it isn’t for everyone, but whether one wears a bikini or a one-piece, it calls for time in the sun lying by a pool or baking in the sun at the beach.

These holidays conflict in the same manner I balance scenes when I write. Two quite different personalities emerge in addressing them. Being truthful, I love to look at the beach from indoors, so I presume I’m a person who would celebration National Stay Out of the Sun Day. For a chance to win an unsigned copy of Two Bites Too Many, tell me, which holiday do you prefer?

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