Let’s Talk with Debra H Goldstein

October 1 – Let’s Play a Game to Celebrate it!

by Debra H. Goldstein

It’s October 1. Do you know what that means? To me, it means fall, pulling a jacket out of the closet, college football, and thinking about what kind of Halloween candy I want to buy that I like, but promise myself I’m not going to eat this year. From a writing perspective, having a new book, Three Treats Too Many, officially having been a September release, it means a series of virtual events. For the world though, October 1 offers something for almost everyone. It is International Coffee Day, International Day for the Elderly, National Homemade Cookie Day, World Smile Day first Friday of the month, and World Vegetarian Day.

Because I like games, I’m going to play a game, with prizes, against my protagonist, Sarah Blair, and you. I’ll answer for Sarah and me in this blog, and for a chance to win, you leave a comment. Ready? Here we go….

International Coffee Day – I never drank coffee until I became a lawyer. At my first job, the only time approved for you to leave your desk was to take a restroom break or get a cup of coffee. I began drinking coffee. Sarah rarely drinks coffee, but she does occasionally – especially if it means getting close to someone she wants to investigate. For a copy of One Taste Too Many, when did you begin or when do you drink coffee?

International Day for the Elderly – Sarah doesn’t know from old age, she was twenty-eight when she got divorced and twenty-nine when One Taste Too Many began. Me, every day that passes, I’m feeling more elderly – of course, that may be because we just moved, and I’ve been unpacking boxes and boxes and boxes (the picture was some in the kitchen area). For a chance to win a copy of Two Bites Too Many leave a comment as to whether you are or feel elderly or if you feel that is only a state of mind?

National Homemade Cookie Day – Our answer is the same on this one – we will eat them if you will make them. For a copy of Three Treats Too Many, leave an easy cookie recipe. Ours is go to store, stare at all packages, and pick whichever one hits your fancy.

World Smile Day = We all win on this one because nothing brightens up a day more than a smile.

World Vegetarian Day – Sarah and I admire people who can adhere to vegetarian diets. But, being honest, although neither of us is a heavy red meat eater, we occasionally like a good steak. In Three Treats Too Many, Riley, a rising young chef, specializes in vegan dishes. There also are some great vegan and vegetarian recipes included in the book. Share your favorite vegetarian recipe for a chance to win a copy of Three Treats Too Many.

If these aren’t enough prize opportunities, don’t forget to enter the Booklovers Bench Vault drawing this month! CLICK HERE to enter the monthly contest. It’s October, and best of all, that means more opportunities to win from all the Booklovers Bench authors. Enjoy the weather getting crisper, the leaves changing colors, and Halloween coming!