Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Out with the Old
By Maggie Toussaint

A new year has dawned, indeed a new decade is upon us, shiny and full of promise. What wonderful things will happen this year? Will this go-around of the 20s be Roaring? It is something to ponder for sure.

Oftentimes people decide to make a change in their life in the first month of the year. Some people aim to lose weight, others to get in shape, or others to travel, among other resolutions. Whatever you resolve, I hope it makes you happy!

I resolve to do triage on my closet. It is going on a strict diet until I can find out who keeps putting stuff in there without removing an equal number of items. Who knows what all is hiding in there?

I also resolve to get my backlist books into circulation again. One of my publishers returned all rights on several mysteries as of Dec. 31, 2019. Now it’s up to me to get them ready to go again. Oh, joy!

Other than that, I’m light on resolutions this year. Many of the extra responsibilities I had in recent years ran their course so I’m no longer underwater with extracurricular obligations. I had a new year’s dieting resolution for a number of years, until I decided not to “diet” but to eat the right foods instead. That’s led to a healthier, happier me, and I’ll continue that this year.

My new Seafood Caper Mystery series will start releasing in April with SEAS THE DAY, and there’ll be another book in the same series out in October titled SPAWNING SUSPICION. In addition, I have the Dreamwalker Mystery series closer, ALL DONE WITH IT, releasing sometime in late fall. That’s three new Maggie Toussaint books coming your way in 2020. Looks like you’ll be busy reading and I’ll be busy writing, editing, and marketing!

I’m looking forward to writing conferences and family visits in 2020. And, I hope our paths will cross this year!

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