Let's Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

January 9, 2020

Out with the Old
By Maggie Toussaint

A new year has dawned, indeed a new decade is upon us, shiny and full of promise. What wonderful things will happen this year? Will this go-around of the 20s be Roaring? It is something to ponder for sure.

Oftentimes people decide to make a change in their life in the first month of the year. Some people aim to lose weight, others to get in shape, or others to travel, among other resolutions. Whatever you resolve, I hope it makes you happy!

I resolve to do triage on my closet. It is going on a strict diet until I can find out who keeps putting stuff in there without removing an equal number of items. Who knows what all is hiding in there?

I also resolve to get my backlist books into circulation again. One of my publishers returned all rights on several mysteries as of Dec. 31, 2019. Now it’s up to me to get them ready to go again. Oh, joy!

Other than that, I’m light on resolutions this year. Many of the extra responsibilities I had in recent years ran their course so I’m no longer underwater with extracurricular obligations. I had a new year’s dieting resolution for a number of years, until I decided not to “diet” but to eat the right foods instead. That’s led to a healthier, happier me, and I’ll continue that this year.

My new Seafood Caper Mystery series will start releasing in April with SEAS THE DAY, and there’ll be another book in the same series out in October titled SPAWNING SUSPICION. In addition, I have the Dreamwalker Mystery series closer, ALL DONE WITH IT, releasing sometime in late fall. That’s three new Maggie Toussaint books coming your way in 2020. Looks like you’ll be busy reading and I’ll be busy writing, editing, and marketing!

I’m looking forward to writing conferences and family visits in 2020. And, I hope our paths will cross this year!

To win a copy of my latest Dreamwalker Mystery, DREAMED IT, please share something you like about January! DREAMED IT is available in print and digital format. If you opt for the print format, you must have a US mailing address. The winner will be announced on Jan. 16.


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31 thoughts on “Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

    1. Closet goblins are close kin to under the bed monsters and the weed fairy. All come at night and wreak havoc! (In my imagination, at least.) I still need to tackle the closet, but at least I can close that door now. It’s a mild form of denial, but, hey, I am busy getting all these Five Star books back out! Thanks for the comment, Debra!

    1. Back in the day, I loved a deep, wet snow that came in the night and closed schools. The perfect snowy day would have enough sun to melt the stuff off the roads but still leave me and the kids plenty of time to build snowmen (and snow women!) and do some sledding. I was not a fan of days of snow, really biting cold winds roaring over the mountain, or icy roads. Oh, and I also love that magical hush that comes with snow. Thanks for reminding me of those memories, Phyllis! Hopefully you’ll get a measure of snow this winter! Happy reading!

    1. Thanks, Lois. Launching a new series can be scary, after all, what if my current fans want more of the same paranormal style mysteries? I hope they fall in love with my new sleuth River Holloway as much as I have. She’s a pistol, for sure!

  1. I love the fresh feeling of January. We get cool mornings down here in St. Petersburg and we can walk in the afternoons in t-shirts. I can’t wait for your new series.

    1. Great description of January, Cheryl. It is fresh and crisp and makes my steps quicken. I love that somehow each generation of people have sensed this and made the effort to infuse themselves with that very freshness. Our biorhythms are in tune with nature, whether we admit it or not! Thanks for your kind words about my forthcoming series!

  2. January is the best month because it is my birthday month! Plus my brother’s, my late grandma’s, and a couple of friends’. And my birthstone, garnet, is red and my favorite color. 🙂 I’ll be doing the closet thing eventually but right now I’m going to go drawer by drawer. Do I really still need those Tasmanian Devil Christmas bikini panties anymore? 😀 Good luck on the ebook repubs.

    1. I love how you identify with January, Diane, and Happy Birthday! Don’t know if I’m early or late with the greeting, but the meaning is heartfelt. I also love red stones. Garnet is a great color. My birthstone is pearl, which I alternately hate and love, another sign of being a Sagittarian fire sign… I wish you the best luck with your closet and drawer explorations. Thanks for the good wishes.

    1. Amen to all of that, especially the days getting longer. I’m not a fan of days with minimal light! Thanks for stopping by, Taylor!

  3. I guess the best thing about January is it is time to put away all the holiday decorations and get back to normal! January used to mean family birthdays-Mom, Dad, and my father-in-law. But they’re gone now so it is indeed a quiet month.

    1. I love the aspect of putting away the decorations, and I also feel the loss of my January family member birthdays. I’ve kept the remembrances of their days on my calendar so that I think of them on their day.

  4. My birthday was January 7th, but that is bittersweet at my age.
    I enjoy a good January snow, if only we would have one! Thanka for offering the giveaway; you are a new author to me.
    browninggloria(at)hotmail(dot) com

  5. You are going to be very busy with 3 book releases. I, too, will be working on backlist titles. Good luck to us both with achieving our goals. What do I like about January? The holidays are over and business can get back to normal.

    1. Normal. Haven’t seen that in a while… But January is certainly moving at half the speed of December, so I also like that the holidays are over. Happy Backlist reissuing!

    1. Wishing your mom a very Happy Birthday, Sheryl! Thanks for your kind words about my upcoming series.

    1. I like the aspect of “new” when it comes to each day and year. It puts me in the mindset of evaluating where I’ve been and where I’d like to be.

    1. Good for you! My decluttering seems to have stopped after getting the decorations up. I need to get back to getting rid of clutter!

  6. Your book had me at, “Using normal and paranormal senses,” not to mention the body found in the suitcase! I love that January is the start of a new year and anything is possible! I’m trying to get more organized.

    1. Anything is possible, indeed! For the last few years, I’ve stretched to do items on my personal bucket list, items that gave back to my home community and writing community, and I found that very satisfying, though exhausting to add into an already busy schedule. Anyway, for me 2020 is the start of refocusing on writing and I’m delighted to be able to say that! Best of luck to you.

  7. My winner is Phyllis McGuire. Congratulations, Phyllis! I’ll send you an email. You have a week to collect the prize.

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