Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Color Me Happy

By Maggie Toussaint

Why wait until we’re eccentric to wear whatever we want? My best buds and I asked this question and decided we’d wear whatever colors/clothes/shoes we wanted. We’re all old enough to know better, of course, but our Mamas are gone so nobody is likely to snatch us up by scruffs of our necks and read us the riot act.

Sometimes I embarrass my kids with my brightly colored or extra warm clothing choices, but that’s nothing new. Imagine having aching joints and having to sit on aluminum bleachers every Friday night in fall in frigid (to me) temps. You’d wear a snowsuit and sit on a stadium blanket, right? Thought so.

Anyway, I’m living the life of color now. Recently I wore a striped knit top with a floral scarf. Not what anyone would think to match, but the colors were the same, so what the hay? Did it.

Back in my professional go-to-work-in-the world days, I wore a never ending supply of neutrals, well, mostly browns but that makes for a boring closet. Today I’m happy to report a veritable Crayola Crayon box of colors among my tops and some of my pants. Some times I vary the mix and match casuals, but often I stick with an outfit I’ve matched before because that’s faster.

For writing conferences, that’s a different story. I need smart looking clothes that are also comfy and warm (those meeting rooms are always cold) and also with something in the red family near my face (scarf, blouse, or jacket). Shades of red are the most complimentary color for my skin tone and they dial my mood to happy.

Speaking of book conferences, I miss them! Zooming is just not the same thing for me. I’m looking forward to being able to travel (hopefully) later this year to visit family and to attend a conference or two.

And lastly, color me happy because I have a new book coming out soon! SHRIMPLY DEAD, book 3 in the Seafood Caper Mysteries, releases April 12. It’s on pre-order right now at all vendors. In this culinary cozy, River’s former client is killed and she doesn’t trust the cops to catch the killer. She’s cooking up another delectable murder mystery on Shell Island.

What’s your happy color? I’d love to know! Jot it down in the comments to be eligible for a signed print copy (US residents only) of SPAWNING SUSPICION, book 2 in this series.