Let’s Talk with Tina Whittle

Happy Book Birthdays!

by Tina Whittle

Guess who’s got a book coming out in five days? Now guess again because even though I’m sure you got it right the first time — it’s me! — my friend and occasional partner in crime-writing, James M. Jackson, will also be celebrating a book birthday on April 3rd.

My sixth in the Tai Randolph/Trey Seaver mystery series, Necessary Ends, will be hitting bookstore shelves near you at the same time that Jim’s Empty Promises also debuts (it’s the fifth in his Seamus McCree series).

Empty Promises by James M. JacksonWhich got me thinking: why is Tuesday the traditional day for new books to come out? I went looking for some answers (because I am a curious creature and will follow almost any tidbit down the research rabbit hole) and discovered something I wasn’t expecting.

Nobody really knows.

People have good guesses. It’s for the book ranking algorithms, some say. Others point to ordering and distribution systems (like the fact that a Tuesday book that’s selling well on that particularly slow day of the week should do even better on the weekend, which gives booksellers time to stock up). One agent speculated that it’s because Tuesday is traditionally associated with Mars, the god of war. PS: If you know the answer, please share in the comment. I am eager to be enlightened.

Regardless, I’m excited to share a book birthday with Jim because our characters once investigated a crime together. Tai and Seamus acquitted themselves quite well as they investigated multiple shenanigans that spanned over one hundred and fifty years in the short story “And Wine To Make Glad the Heart” which appeared in the anthology 50 Shades of Cabernet.  They had a little help from Seamus’ mom and Tai’s boyfriend, but the bulk of the crime-solving rested on their capable shoulders.

I hope you’ll join me in wishing Jim a happy book birthday. If you’d like a sneak peek at Empty Promises, go here, and at Necessary Ends, go here.

And I hope that whatever you’re celebrating right now, you savor the joy. I certainly am.