Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Signs, Signs, Everywhere’s a Sign
By Maggie Toussaint

Anyone remember the 70’s tune about there being too many signs? That song popped into my head recently and now it’s become an earworm, you know, one of those ditties that won’t let you go.

Astute armchair detective that I am I wondered if the universe was trying to tell me something about this post, after all, sometimes the signs that are the most obvious to a casual observer are often unclear, ignored, or missed by the person involved. Should I trust my intuition? That’s a question my sleuth grapples with all the time.

In my forthcoming August release, Dreamed It, book six in my paranormal Dreamwalker Mystery Series, I explore yet another aspect of using dreams to connect with the living and the dead. As expected, the importance of this new “dream” has dire consequences for my dreamwalker, Baxley Powell. But the  images she remembers help a sketch artist draw an image that’s their first solid lead on a missing person case.

In this fictional instance, the “sign” yielded an accurate drawing of a place of interest, and satellite imaging helped them pinpoint the location. And all because Baxley trusted her instincts and went with the different feeling.

The thing is, Baxley could’ve shut down that out-of-the-box dream because it was terrifying or different or not something she ever wanted to explore. That’s a natural, human defensive reaction to something startling.

In our everyday lives, most of us often say no to a new sign or different experience because it’s easier to keep repeating the things that are comfortable and familiar.

For a chance to win a print (US only) or digital copy of Confound It, book five in the Dreamwalker Mystery Series, share your usual gut reaction to a strange turn in your life. Do you go with the flow or cling to past routines?

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