Let’s Talk with Maggie Toussaint

Special Occasions
By Maggie Toussaint

As a December birthday, I spent my entire childhood wishing my birthday was in the summer like my brother and sister’s. For one thing, they didn’t get shorted on presents because “Christmas is coming soon.” They got to go swimming and eat watermelon at their June birthday parties. I did not fare as well.

Now, as an adult, I realize many special events happen in June. Father’s Day comes around on the third Saturday of June. Weddings and graduations are traditionally held in June. And for me personally, there are two sibling birthdays, plus a daughter’s birthday. Every year June is busy-busy-busy. This June is extra-special for our family because of a baptism.

Often specific attire is needed for special occasions, whether it’s a swim suit for a pool party, a “nice” outfit for a social gathering, or a formal outfit for a wedding or prom.

Writing conferences also fall in the special occasion category. In addition to looking presentable and approachable for the entire event, there is often a “banquet” which requires attire between a nice outfit and formal wear. That’s where I have the most trouble deciding what to wear.

In my book G-1, the Guardian of Earth series, the sidekick, an android, shows up in Dr. Zeke Landry’s world with a tower of suitcases full of aloha shirts. Forman has one for every occasion. Lucky guy!

To win a digital copy of G-1 (or if you have that one, you may select G-2 or G-3), share your go-to outfit for special occasions.

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